The Devil is good,The Devil is my pal, Satan is good, Satan is my pal!

—Ghost, doing a satanic chant

Satanic Ghost

Ghost has long been accused of being a Satanist. During the original run of True Capitalist Radio Ghost was trolled with an eerie, chanting clip. He responded to this by mocking Satanists, saying, "The Devil is good, The Devil is my pal, Satan is good, Satan is my pal," a quote from the 1989 film the 'Burbs. Ghost was soon quickly spliced with this and began to deny allegations of Satanism. It remained an infrequent troll.

Since the Return, in May of 2016, allegations of Satanism have returned. Following the Half a Tard Ghost troll, during which trolls discovered manipulating actual quotes of Ghost's voice caused quite a bit of rage, people began lowering the pitch of Ghost's voice and adding Satanic/spooky music in the background to sound as if he were 'The Prince of Darkness.'

When accepting his own award for his work as radio host in Episode 317, among the people he gave thanks for his award was "The God of This World" whom he views as a Satanic figure of sorts.

Sometimes when Ghost is exceptionally upset beyond his usual level, and often preceding a ragequit, he will "go demonic". This generally manifests with a change in Ghost's vernacular, becoming deeper, louder, and generally less coherent, sometimes accompanied by outright screaming and howling. Ghost himself has screamed that the trolls or others responsible have "unleashed the demon". The most notable example of this happening was on August 12th, 2016, after the Double Dipping Incident occurred, Ghost began to sound like Corpsegrinder; from the death metal band Cannibal Corpse; when he said "I WANNA SEE HIS FACE!" as he expressed his fury towards one of the homeland agents who had double dipped his nachos.


Satanic Ghost

Satanic Ghost