Broadcast Number: 6

Broadcast Date: Saturday April 8th, 2017

Description: YouTube continues to reestablish their content guidelines; channels with less than 1000 views won't get ads. Is KimDotCom's Bitcache (MegaUpload 2) the answer to content creators rejected from YouTube -like services? Can trolling sites like Yelp now cost you serious money in law suits (bad Yelp review cost a man $34.5)? Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts and an hour of Radio Graffiti!

Notes Edit

Ghost mainly focused on his ever growing disdain for YouTube and his pleasure in the fact that several prominent YouTubers are complaining that their monopolization will be cut.

Following the shenanigans by Ghost on Episode 5, this episode contained a reasonable portion of Radio Graffiti with Ghost formally announcing plans to sell "MAH KEEDZ" merch, confirming if 20 or so articles were sold, he would extend The Saturday Night Troll show to 3 hours with a majority of that time dedicated to Radio Graffiti.

On Radio Graffiti itself, a number of splices around Raiden Snake were played incuding 8Equal (based on a few anti-Raiden twitter names) and TwilieAtkins (of Ghost calling in to Raiden fapping to hentai and playing video games.) An Alex Jones splice played by RationalRyan would play with a cyborg Alex Jones avenging his own death.

A Power Rangers Parody splice featuring Eeyore, Twilie Atkins, The African Booty Scratcher, and someone impersonating Germit fighting the Arabian Prince would play for 4 minutes straight.

A few Cleveland calls would be present with cleveland singing different songs much to everyone's unamusement.

Tubguy would call in saying he and the Arabian Prince bought a couple hijabs in pink and rainbow. And much to Ghost's rage, he ended the show.

Videos Edit

Radio Graffiti and Shout Outs April 8, 201751:11

Radio Graffiti and Shout Outs April 8, 2017

Saturday Show Episode 6, Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts, Elfoxoloco

Radio Graffiti Saturday Night Troll Show Apr 8, 2017 Ep 654:28

Radio Graffiti Saturday Night Troll Show Apr 8, 2017 Ep 6

2017 - Radio Graffiti-136:03

2017 - Radio Graffiti-1

The Saturday Night Troll Show Hosted By Ghost Episode 6 4 8 201702:11:56

The Saturday Night Troll Show Hosted By Ghost Episode 6 4 8 2017

Saturday Show Episode 6, Full Episode, TheBronyNetwork

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