Broadcast Number: 7

Broadcast Date: Saturday, April 15th, 2017

DescriptionNintendo Switch Outsells PS4 & Xbox One in March. After a short release, Nintendo kills popular NES Classic console. Ghost discusses virtual girl friends, virtual reality and robotic sex dolls. And of course, Radio Graffiti! The Saturday Night Troll Show is NOW 3 hours thanks to the sale of Mah Keeds merch. Your calls, Twitter /Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti.


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Notes Edit

During shoutouts, there were many RaidenSnake names along with many Jesus names, because of the show being the day before Easter. The only cans during shoutouts came from Ghost raging at ColeThePony wishing himself a happy birthday.

Before Radio Graffiti started, Ghost had a caller arguing with RaidenSnake, KaraszKun, and TrumpinCapitalist over his statement that Raiden didn't add substance to the show. This forced RaidenSnake to leave Twitter and the Inner Circle Discord chat, officially quitting TCR (for now). This event pissed off Ghost, who then saw an influx of tweets talking about Raiden being banned.

During Radio Graffiti, there were many RaidenSnake-related calls, including a splice of Ghost crucifying Snakus Christ. J-Man would also call back to his TF2 roots in a bizarre "smexual" splice, leaving Ghost too baffled to cans at it. Ghost would encounter a Failtroll during the show that would bring back the Shitlist.

The total cans count of the episode was 24, beating the episode following the Double Dip Incident and taking fourth place in the high score charts.

Raidensnake returned to Twitter the day after, announcing that he left the call because his account was almost hacked, and that he didn't leave the Inner Circle Chatroom, he was kicked out, and finally claiming the accounts attached to his name on sites such as furaffinity are fake.

Ghost didn't do a Monday episode of True Capitalist Radio because he didn't have enough time to file his taxes.

Videos Edit

Raiden The Furry07:36

Raiden The Furry

Radio Graffiti Saturday Night Troll Show Apr 15, 2017 Ep 701:08:02

Radio Graffiti Saturday Night Troll Show Apr 15, 2017 Ep 7

2017 - Radio Graffiti-001:03:46

2017 - Radio Graffiti-0

The Long Fall of Raidensnake (April 15, 2017)49:20

The Long Fall of Raidensnake (April 15, 2017)

Saturday Show Episode 7, Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts, Elfoxoloco

The Saturday Night Troll Show Hosted By Ghost Live!~ Episode 7 4 15 201703:08:34

The Saturday Night Troll Show Hosted By Ghost Live!~ Episode 7 4 15 2017

Saturday Show Episode 7, Full Episode, TheBronyNetwork

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