Sevens old pony OC.

Often referred to as either just Seven or by his old name SevenleafBrony is a blogger, Twitter troll, politics and music fanatic, former "general" in the Capitalist Army, former brony musician, hacker and popular ex-brony.

He debuted in the Twitter scene as a newbie TCR troll who would attempt to make Ghost get angry by tweeting at him, asking him to have pony sex with him. In late 2011, Seven became a dominant figure in the TCR community. He became pals with other famous users such as DarkRazorZ and Shonic and soon became a respected troll. By early 2012, he began to take Ghost seriously and soon converted to capitalism afterwards. By April 2012, he was promoted to "general" in the Capitalist Army for his dedication to capitalism and high amount of support of Ghost. He soon came to regret all this come late 2012, when he, along with virtually everyone else on Twitter, started to believe that Ghost was an over-emotional drunk who tried to get people arrested for calling him "mean" names on Twitter. He still practices capitalism, but refuses to call himself a "true capitalist".

His phase as "SevenleafBrony"Edit

In his earlier days, Seven used to be a brony. In fact, some people still think he is one, some even speculating him to be a closeted one. He was previously also a successful brony musician who was adored by /mlp/ for writing songs about pony tulpas, human to pony transformation and the milk mare.

In the fall of 2011, he discovered Ghost and dedicated his life to TCR. All of his new capitalist friends made fun of his songs, so he got embarrassed and decided to delete them, which was a decision he never regretted.

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