★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Audio Splice at the 2011 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Mexican at the 2016 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

Sharp#Splicer (aka Raldy and formerly #TheSplicer) is a musical splicer as evidenced by his name, using # not as a Hashtag but as a musical Sharp. He is the former owner of the original TCR Discord Chat and former founder and owner of its successor. He is most notable for his contribution to the "Money, Success, Fame, Bronies" splice and the parody song "It's the Woodshed". Despite being of Dominican heritage, he won "Best Mexican" in the 2016 Ghosties. He's also gone on to say that, if Ghost should ever hold a Ghosties next year, he should probably change the name of this category to "Best Latino" next year. He is the first TCR Listener to win two Ghosties, and as of December 31st, 2016, he is also the only listener to achieve this feat.

During the Original TCR Era (2011 - 2012)

#TheSplicer has been a listener since the June 17th 2011 episode was uploaded by DarkRazorZ. Aside from making an 8-bit Instrumental to "Money, Success, Fame, Bronies" he made a TCR-related parody of Giggle at the Ghosty with Rina-chan, as well as an 8-Bit Rendition of Fuck You Texas which was itself later used in a splice, and a Latin Merengue remix of "Melting Pot of Alcohol", much to Ghost's Ire, though he didn't Cans.wav at it.

During the Return Era (2016)

#TheSplicer had lost control of his "Melting Pot of Music" account, and as a result, started a new channel. The first Splice he made on this channel, and the first one he made since 2012- was a remix of Desiigner's "Panda" - the original song itself was wildly successful and thus it wouldn't be hard to make this splice, especially due to Ghost's constant raging at imaginary pandas. Some of the audio-clips were directly taken from Ghost's first reaction to "Money Success Fame Bronies" back in 2011. Upon hearing it, Ghost actually liked this remix, though.

#TheSplicer was also responsible for many Intro Splices, most notably True Chris-Chan Radio and True Christmas Radio - both of which were played on Capitalist Episode 307, and the latter of which would cause Ghost to Cans.wav.

On Capitalist Episode 369, #TheSplicer- along with members of his Chatroom- made a Splice about Boycotting True Capitalist Radio, as a result of insults Ghost had been saying on Paltalk, about G. This particular splice earned 14 Seconds of Cans.wav, making #TheSplicer- and those involved with the Boycott Splice- the first in 5 years, to break the record for longest lasting, uninterrupted, single cans.wav rage.

On Capitalist Episode 401, #TheSplicer- and his girlfriend, along with other bronies and non-bronies that were part of his chatroom- made, and played, a splice about how they wanted Ghost's wife to host the show.

On Episode 413, #TheSplicer made a splice of Ghost singing him "Happy Birthday"- using his name, Raldy.Unfortunately the splice was played twice.The Next day, #TheSplicer played a Holiday Version of "Fuck You Texas" and in spite of Ghost calling it a Circus Sideshow version, he still Cans.wav'ed. Later that same month, #TheSplicer- going by his real name- called TCR to accept his Ghosties from 2016 and one from 2011 that he never received until then.

#TheSplicer and The Chatroom (January - May 2017)

In early January 2017, a Discord User by the name of SuperSmash began to use vocal splices of an ongoing Voice-Chat taking place on a Discord Server in which #TS was an Admin (and which consisted of both brony and non-brony listeners of TCR). While the users who were spliced didn't initially take offense to it, the Staff of this Discord Chat did, and SuperSmash was subsequently kicked out.

SuperSmash was later allowed back in. In the days to follow, SuperSmash would go on to try to start conflict with another of Splicer's friends, and brag about whenever he had Cans.wav-worthy Reactions, although most of the people in #TS's server either got a Cans.wav via a Group Splice or separately. As a result of SuperSmash's constant arrogance, #TS put it to a vote within his server, whether or not to have SuperSmash banned. A StrawPoll vote was held and SuperSmash was banned. One of Smash's friends wanted a Recount, but #TS did not oblige.

On January 29th, Ghost was calling several members of #TS's chat, and who also paid to be in the inner circle, part of the "TCR Shortbus". The day after, SuperSmash played an old splice, made before he was banned from #TS's server. People in his server took offense to this, and as such, raided SuperSmash's server.

On February 1st, they argued in Voice-Chat, and the audio from this chat would later be used on February 2nd, in which SuperSmash would make #TS out to sound like a Serial Killer from a B-Movie. Said splice would ultimately fail to get Ghost to Cans.wav, thus proving a point of another one of #TS's friends who had their own issues with Super Smash. That Friend of #TS's would also call Super Smash out on his lack of originality as well.

On February 3rd, #TS entered the TCR Crusaders Chat, and, under the impression that they were defending SuperSmash for using Audio from a chat in which he was called out, had members of Tubguy's server raid the TCR Crusader chat, ultimately claiming to take sides with ElFoxoLoco. #TS would go on to say that the attack wasn't meant towards the Crusaders; but mainly towards MaskedPony and SuperSmash. Disco Waffle also hurled insults about #TS's girlfriend on Twitter, to which #TS would respond. Disco eventually blocked him on Twitter, but #TS apologized to Twilie Atkins and all others in the TCR Crusaders (except for SuperSmash, who admitted that he was doing things to make #TS mad in the first place). #TS and Twilie eventually agreed to kick people out of their respective servers for using Audio from personal chats in their splices.

On February 5th, #TS led one final Raid to SuperSmash, calling him out for another failtroll. It should be noted that, apart from #TS being personally offended about the previous splice, he also had enough of his failtrolling and as he would put it, "Diminishing the Quality of the show".

Splicer was inactive since March 2017, shortly after the Mr. Fortune Cookie/Mr. Optimism autograph wars and announced his full retirement as a Splicer in May of 2017.

The Doxing

Following Episode 459, MaskedPony uploaded an audio recording of himself to Dropbox, accusing #TS of doxing people and claiming that he would "take Raldy (#TS's Real name) out to the woodshed". Shortly thereafter, it was discovered that #TS's dox had been leaked onto pastebin, causing calamity throughout his discord server. Blame for this was, at the time, attributed to MaskedPony, with his uploaded recording suggesting that he was "blaming the victim". Further inspection of the dropbox page hosting the uploaded clip revealed a name. This led people to search the name and find the Facebook page of MaskedPony. This was further corroborated by posts from the account regarding True Capitalist Radio, including a post made on June 7th, 2016, the infamous day where ghost raged over Masked's revealed Diaper fetish. In an odd twist of fate, Masked had accidentally doxed himself.

As time went on, members of #TS's chat felt it less and less likely that MaskedPony was actually responsible for the doxing. The following day, #TS messaged Masked and invited him into the chat to discuss what had transpired. At the end, it was concluded that Maskedpony was not involved with the doxing, leaving the real culprit a mystery. The paste containing the dox has since been deleted.

It was reuploaded to Pastebin on March 2017 but TheSplicer caught wind of it on May 2nd. He decided, as a result of this and due to his server having little to no activity, to leave the TCR Community for an indefinite amount of time. Unfortunately, and by strange coincidence, this was few days prior to Ghost announcing his own desire to no longer do his usual 3 hour shows.

Post-TCR Hiatus (July - October 2017)

Amidst the rumor that Ghost could return to TCR on August 2017, Splicer has also said he may come back to TCR but not as often as he used to. Sometime during mid-July, #SharpSplicer spoke to SuperSmash to delete Old Splices from his YouTube page. On August 4th, #SharpSplicer decided to delete everything in his discord account, and made a new one to speak to only 5 users, showing little-to-no sign of ever wanting to return to the TCR fanbase.

TCR Returns... Again (October 2017 - Present)

SharpSplicer regained control in, and downloaded the videos in, his Melting Pot of Music Account, reuploading them to his current channel under the TCR Classic banner, as they were old splices he made in 2011-2012. The Old Account was fully deleted. On Episode 501, SharpSplicer (using real name, but Ghost called him Nalzy, showing how little he remembered him despite previously sending him two Ghosties) Called on Halloween, giving advice to Ghost, to cut off Nametagged Splices at the pass. He continually calls in playing Melodica or Guitar, often times, Ghost not knowing the song that #Splicer plays, and constantly calling his melodica a kazoo. However, returned to splicing officially, on November 13th. The splice played was a remix of Ghost telling his fanbase to check out his gab, look at his gab.

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