Spermy the Cat

Man, I'm not joking about this, I hate to keep saying this over and over and OVER AGAIN. But I'm going to reiterate this to you sorry sacks of crap: Cease and assist [sic] those soundboards before I start getting serious. Before I start getting serious out here. And stop these obnoxious YouTube videos about me too!


Spermy the Cat was a longtime troll of Ghost on True Capitalist Radio. He is most well known for his soundboards, set-up calls, and for uploading some of the original YouTube videos regarding Ghost, and the clip of Ghost shouting,

"Spermy the Cat! Spermy the freakin' Cat, folks."

Spermy was known for using set-ups in his calls (much like the Suck Mah Dick Guy, whom he gave a shout out to on the 2012 New Years' Eve broadcast) in the days before Radio Graffiti was introduced. He started discussing a subject at hand, to trick Ghost into thinking he was a serious caller until he suddenly insulted him or played an audio file, leaving Ghost stunned at being besmirched so cunningly and randomly. Spermy was one of the 'big three' of the original trolls - the others being the Ghetto Capitalist and the Internet Buttstalker. He often used multiple Skype names and area codes to trick Ghost, and be able to call in multiple times per broadcast.

Spermy the Cat was known for frequently being kicked out of Ghost's chatroom (in the days of regular chatroom shoutouts). His chatroom name inspired several copycat names (Spermy the Dog, Spermy PoopTickler, and even Spermy the Foreskin) and is known for being one of the first "shocking" or "dirty" names. He is Scottish, and has a strong accent - which Ghost comments on whenever he uses his voice in a call.

Spermy stopped being a regular caller after the first major newfag arrivals from 4chan and Facepunch in June 2011, since he had difficulty getting on as often as before. He was absent from most broadcasts following this, yet still made rogue appearences, and always irritated Ghost whenever his voice was heard.

On the 8th of July 2016 at 22:30 (EST @ Europe) Spermy made his return in the Tinychat room. Everyone is very happy about this and expect troll terrorism from him.

Spermy returned in full on Capitalist Episode 338, with Ghost calling upon him during Twitter Shoutouts. Ghost was so happy to see him that he promptly threw Spermy's ass out of here. Spermy has, infrequently, been spotted during Twitter Shoutouts since then, and has been promptly thrown out.


"Hey Ghost it's Spermy, I've been using yer soundboard to call other shows and now they hate yah- You stupid dumb Scottish bastard! You better not have been doing that, you kilt wearing prick!"

A remixer gets on the air; "We got Spermy the Cat-Spermy the Cat-Spermy Spermy the-" '"AW SCREW YOU! Screw you Spermy; get Spermy's ass out of here, do we have him in here [the chatroom], is he in here? GET HIM OUT Engineer! GET SPERMY'S STUPID ASS OUT OF HERE!...Not gonna sit here and let this asshole besmirch my show, get him out!.."

Ghost Rages Over Spermy And Youtube Videos

Ghost Rages Over Spermy And Youtube Videos