Sprybug is the creator of the My Little Ghostie: Capitalism is Magic spinoff videos. Although he has never been a troll on the show itself, he made his videos way after the show was cancelled.

My Little Ghostie: Capitalism is MagicEdit

My Little Ghostie Capitalism is magic02:24

My Little Ghostie Capitalism is magic

Back in 2011, there had been images popping up on DeviantArt and several other sites showing ponified versions of Ghost. [1[2] [3]However, there had not been any form of animation made of him while people were asking for it. A YouTube user under the name Sprybug thus began a series of videos about Ghost and how a ponified version of him would react to the events happening in the episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Ghost's lines were taken from the radio show and spliced into the videos.

The first video was uploaded on February 17th, 2013 while the second video saw the light of day on April 2nd, 2013. The second video was removed in early October 2013 due to a copyright claim, but the creator has announced that he will place it back up on a different video sharing site.

Reaction from the trollsEdit

My Little Ghostie Capitalism is Magic Episode 205:26

My Little Ghostie Capitalism is Magic Episode 2

So far the fans of Radio Graffiti have positively responded to the creation of the videos. NavyHuskie said on YouTube "Dear god, this is the greatest thing ever" while DarkRazorZ  was left speechless.

Ghost himself retweeted the video, and was not amused that fan-works and cartoons are still being made about him, let alone by Bronies.

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