★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Chatroom at the 2016 Ghosties ★ ★ ★

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Steam is a digital distribution platform produced by Valve Corporation on which people can play online multiplayer games. It also has millions of Steam groups, including one pertaining to True Capitalist Radio which is moderated by Sgt. Yoda, Illasera and Remington.

TCR Steam Chat Edit

The group for True Capitalist fans opened up in late 2011, and since 2016 it has accumulated over 1000 members, which in itself is a large number for Ghost's audience. It's more reclusive than other TCR chats as people are required to have a Steam account before joining, but they are equally engaged with the show, and they gather together in group chat when it's on.

Ghosties 2016 Edit

In the 2016 Ghostie awards, Ghost chose the TCR Steam chat for "Best Chatroom of the Year", and one of its moderators Sgt. Yoda for "TCR Fan of the Year", after they sent him a Christmas card, and because bronies and /pol/ pissed him off. These decisions and more made the other chatrooms accuse Ghost of rigging the awards.

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