T. Rucker's Twitter avatar.

T. Rucker/Bong Jovi (aka Steven Chilton) is the host of a video-streaming show called, "Haulin' Ass".

His show, not unlike True Capitalist Radio has a following of trolls, many of whom are also trolls & fans of TCR.


T. Rucker is no stranger to trolling. He once hosted a religious-parody show called "Jesus Chatline" with his friend, Richard Burnish around 2011/2012. By the same time, their show became a constant target for prank calls by trolls from 4chan. The show since ended in Autumn 2012 after they both decided, they've had enough & quit doing the show. It's speculated that Richard & Steven may no longer be friends.

One year later in 2013, Chilton returned hosting a solo show called "Rumbled Feathers". Like his previous show, the show was also infested with trolls & didn't last very long as a result & ended shortly afterwards.

Another year later, Chilton began going under the alias "T. Rucker" & returned to broadcasting his current show, "Haulin' Ass"; a parody trucker show that has Chilton expressing right-leaning, patriotic views in almost a similar manner as Ghost without a lot of hate-filled rage or extreme views. However, he also tends to fight with a lot of troll callers who challenge him to fights.

True Capitalist Army raids?

It was possibly around April/May 2015 when some of the True Capitalist Radio trolls discovered the show & started calling in. Since then, he was chain-called with Fuck You Texas with the assumption he was from Texas (he's a trucker, it's no surprise), accused by a troll of ripping off Ghost as a result of such calls & had Ghost's soundboard call into the show.

However, with the exception of occasional chat room appearances as well as a call by Tubguy & a recent call using a recording of Suck Mah Dick Guy(a username with his name appeared on the chat, not confirmed if it was him), the other well known members of the Capitalist Army have yet to change despite the number of former TCR fans who moved onto this show.


It's also implied that like Ghost, he is a xenophobe & will hang up on you for being from another country. You should accuse him of racism because that's what he is.

Caution should also be exercised by chatroom trolls, an overzealous & easily-offended chat moderator named Chet Kelly has a history of banning users from the chat for even the most innocent actions. The more lenient mod, Saggy Jake, has more of a fun time with people as opposed to Chet, but he likes to randomly ban people. Hopefully you aren't one of them.

A co-host that parodies feminist activists, Amanda Tarantino is also known to rage hard at anti-feminist & "Mens' Rights" callers while T. doesn't interfere with some of the calls while also accused for being a sexist for calling her a "Truckess". Your best bet is to make comments about her being the failtrucker that she is & telling her to "Go back in the kitchenette".

The majority of those who call into the show are failtrolls, including callers such as "Pissing Callist", an Aussie caller named Elliot Rodger & a Kermit ripoff known as Kerm. It's inadvisable to follow the same tactics they do(calling in just to say the N-Word unless it's a Moonman or uses Moonman's voice synthesizer) micspamming summerfag/newfag phrases such as "123, 123, 123," or "Door Giveaway" or just being plain retarded). Have some originality & creativity.

However, like TCR's trolls, the show's trolls have become well known among the community including:

  • Gandhi, a caller who was once banned for calling in after being picked up on once during a show. He allegedly made a splice of T. Rucker during a recent show.
  • Deez Nuts, a splicer who made a series of splicers for T's Radio Graffiti ripoff segment, "Soundboard Soundoff"
  • Leeroy Sinclair, well known caller from the original Jesus Chatline community. He calls the Jesus Chatline accusing Richard of impersonating him numerous times.
  • Lotlizard, Possible original caller from the Jesus Chatline & always calls Amanda to make comments about her lack of trucking skills & always makes her cry and ragequit with each call.
  • Daniel Block, Known for pretending to be an author, singer, etc. All calls lead to screaming "Richard Burnish!"
  • Chris Gallagher, Known for 9/11 jokes and explains how he became a paraplegic after Richard Nixon raped him as a young boy.