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Taco Tuesday is a name for Tuesday affectionately given by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, in an attempt to sound less racist. He also claims Taco Tuesday is "Dollar You Call It" on Sixth Street. He has claimed this for other days as well.

It is a positive day (like Baller Friday) as opposed to a negative one, such as Fruitbowl Wednesday and Bath House Thursday. Carpet Munching Monday remains neutral.

The term has inspired several remixes including one that began spreading like wildfire, "Hambone".

Capitalist Episode 294 started out as a normal Taco Tuesday, however the high amount of Trans- Twitter names caused Ghost to rename the day as "Transtesticle Tuesday".


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Taco tuesday (Reupload)02:04

Taco tuesday (Reupload)

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