-I'm (____), and (______)

Team Splices are splices made by a group of people (usually made in the TCR Discord Chatroom) that are involved with wanting to do something to Ghost that would piss him off.

The splice that started it all was on Capitalist Episode 363 where Ghost broke down crying after a call with various members of the Capitalist Army (including Teutonic Plague, TheBronyNetwork, and TrumpinCapitalist) endorsing Team Engineer and the use of splicing Donald Trump claiming he approves this message; this lead to him ending the show nearly 30 minutes early and eventually started a series of betrayals and other team splices.

There has only been 11 of these splices made; 9/11 of them made him triggered, and 8/11 of them have made him cans.wav. One splice in particular, The True Capitalist Radio Boycott on Capitalist Episode 369 , not only made him ragequit, but it held the longest cans.wav record that has not been beaten since 2011 until Tub Guy broke the record on Halloween 2016.

As of today, the Team splices have been put on hiatus after several people in the TheBronyNetwork were getting sick of hearing the splices when the "I want Mrs Ghost For Host" splice played despite the fact that it still made Ghost rage hard.

Several other noticeable people have participated in these splices; including G, MaskedPony, Godzilla3709, Brony Drumming, Teutonic Plague, Twilie Atkins, Scarlett Moon, SharpSplicer, and Tison Rockit.

Here is a Top 10 video of these splices on Youtube: