True Capitalist Radio had a long list of trolls that called into its broadcast all the way back from 2010. Some were great, and others were not so good. This page details those trolls who made a smaller contribution than that of the more famous trolls, whether it be during Radio Graffiti or from their own video uploads that Ghost became annoyed with them.

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Note that many trolls use numerous Skype names, and sometimes call with two or even three per show to play multiple sound files. Thus, one supposed 'audio troll' may actually be the exact same person as another one.

Active Trolls

Action Capitalist

Action Capitalist is a Post-Return troll who joined the TCR community in late August 2016. At that time, he joined Discord in order to stay up to date on the whereabouts of Ghost's show. Over the next few months, he gained an understanding of how to be more like a troll, which helped later on in 2017. One of his first calls into Ghost's show involved him impersonating Bill Clinton in Episode 456. Later on, his first successful troll call happened on the Saturday Night Troll Show #3, where he used the then current trolling tactics of spamming Scout from Team Fortress 2 voice command "need a dispenser here", and instead combined all nine classes from the game. The splice resulted in a successful cans.wav. As of Episode 500, which was Ghost's last broadcast (May 5th, 2017), his cans.wav count stands at a total of 5. When Ghost finally returned after a five month hiatus, he continued his trolling attempts, and on October 31st, 2017, he would call in with the area code 915 as his moniker from now on.

Liquid Schwartz

A new troll that originated in May of 2016, most famous for his "True Diaper Radio" and "Look at Ghost's Photograph" splices. Also known for collaborating with other callers, such as Twilie Atkins. Despite being a brony, he does not use very much pony material in his splices.


Montie is troll caller who is also a 'well known' tripcode user on /mu/. 269 is known for the "Houston Hoveround Salesman" who has recently regularly called up attempting to sell Hoverounds to Ghost. Normally, Montie ties in topics Ghost talked about in the broadcast to troll him with (Unemployment, Bernie Sanders, the Texas floods, etc.). This causes Ghost to rage and inform listeners that he is not a cripple.

Montie at the end of the cripple joke's tenure developed a new character similar to the Internet Buttstalker that managed to sound so similar to the original caller that Ghost confused Montie for him in July. Montie did not call back onto the show until December when he managed to bait Ghost into cans.

Mr. Tamsy

Mr. Tamsy is a post-return caller responsible for various insult carols. His first song, "Mr. Ghostler" was played by Templeton Sanders during Episode 270. All of his songs since then have been played by Mr. Tamsy himself. He has also called in to play splices from other users, such as 8equal, and SharpSplicer at their request. Despite being a regular caller and having caused several cans.wav, Tamsy had kept a relatively low profile throughout 2016.

This changed during episode 464, when Tamsy would call in using a text-to-speech program, defending the continued existence of Radio Graffiti and denouncing the inner circle for raiding the discord of Elfoxoloco the previous night. The message prompted ghost to have a serious discussion regarding the fate of Radio Graffiti and the autograph war.

Mr. Tamsy would return upon the end of Ghost's hiatus, and has called in regularly since then.


A caller best known for his calls asking Ghost for advice on how to draw his Pokemon hentai. Ghost would always instantly get mad at him for that. Ryan has said that he's since stopped that particular trolling tactic for the time being after the MaskedPony Incident due to Ghost threatening to give the phone number of anyone who tried to troll using MaskedPony, and Ryan's next troll involved that. However, Ryan still trolls on occasions, and is a regular caller on the fan show of True Capitlist Radio, Real Talk, helping to popularize it. He now primarily focuses on splices and parody songs, such as "Let's Go Fly a Drone" and "Templeton's Famous Turd" and he's responsible for starting the "What's going on between me and *insert name here* is personal" splice trend, by making splices where Ghost has rough sex with Alex Jones and Deray.

RationalRyan would make his return on Episode 534, with a call showing that Ghost supported Jeb Bush at one point.

Rafa Capitalist

A troll that joined the TCR community around late March/early April 2017, though only really started trolling around the post-Break era of TCR. He was responsible for causing Ghost to ragequit on episode 537, gabbing him a picture of Pepe The Frog photoshopped into Ghost's avatar, causing him to go on a tirade about not being a "feels bad man".

Other than being on Gab Shoutouts, he also does splices on Radio Graffiti, some of them which caused cans, like a story splice of Ghost turning into an "Autistic Werewolf", and a remix of "Swing Low, Sweet 42Coin". He also was responsible for introducing a new method to the Tell Me Lies splices, which involves the use of the Vine video "Why The F**k You Lyin’" for when Ghost contradicts himself.


A new splicer who quickly gained notoriety on Ghost's show by winning the Best Fail Troll award in the 2017 Ghosties, despite making Ghost cans.wav at him a few times. That nomination is attributed to the incident in Episode 518 when he seemingly copied Twilie's "Fork You Texas" remix, but she's aware of that because it was a coincidence.

Snake Nerd

A troll who began making calls and splices in November 2017. His primary gimmick is being a snake enthusiast who happens to dislike black people. Some of his splices had a bit of a story arc that included a rattlesnake he named Templeton. He became an accidental chain caller in Episode 530 when he and J-Man both did splices of Ghost having sexual congress with Oprah Winfrey, represented by a chimpanzee, to which Ghost replied "no more damn chimps".


A Post-Return era splicer who joined in October 2016, not a great one but not bad either. He's known for a variant on the Tell Me Lies splice with Sonic "game over" music, and for the majority of storybook splices that ran on Ghost's show. He also took part in a few collab splices including one in Episode 438 that requested Touhou merch.

He is infamous for feuding with Sharp Splicer's Discord chat and making splices out of their voice chat without permission, which made him a target for their raids. On Episode 445, after being banned from Sharp's chat, he made a splice that tried to make him sound like a psychotic murderer, but that failed to faze Ghost whatsoever. He was also accused of making inferior versions of other trolls' splice ideas, and being the primary reason storybook splices became an obsolete troll tactic due to over-usage.

Danny J

A splicer who has had sporadic appearances throughout the show, particularly 2016-2018. He's also known to change his name to piss off ghost during Twitter/Gab Shoutouts. Sometimes his content is great, other times it's... meh.

He's also one of several True Capitalist Radio splicers who calls in under the moniker of "Anonymous". Like many splicers, he uses Google Hangouts to call into the show. He is known for the following splices which have played so far on the show: "Ghost being raped by the Little Caesar's Pizza mascot", "Ghost having his way with an MLP pony", "Ghost gets into a fight and orgy" (played Monday February 5, 2018), and "Ghost is a jew (Gangnam Style Remix)".

Former Callers


A Splicer and Remixer, who would call up the show with the latest remixes made by either him, or other well known trolls when neccesary, to piss Ghost off primarily during Radio Graffiti. From time to time he also played ear-rape clips by accident due to the loud nature of the videos, much to Ghost's annoyance. Ghost often mispronounced his name as 'Another Wizard' because he often got his name mixed up with "Another Goth Guy", who usually followed his name in the Chatroom Shoutouts. He no longer trolls Ghost, and is in fact a part of his Inner Circle.


More famously known as the 'Violinist' of True Capitalist Radio, he occasionally played the My Little Pony theme or Soviet Anthem to annoy Ghost. Ghost would then decide that he is no longer a good player, and would reject his calls until he returned with a more 'favorable' song, in which he was then reappointed to his title. He tended to get along with Ghost, playing Brahms or that Charlie Daniels song to put him in a better mood, but as mentioned before, he enjoyed going out of line just as the other musicians did once in a while.

Capitalist Mao/ Caller 732/ Second Harvest Drinker

More famously known as the 'Johnnie Walker Second Harvest guy', he made about 5 notable calls in the final months of the show. He consistently disgusted Ghost at his 'special treatment and harvesting' of Ghost's favorite beverage, and continued to raise the bar, creating Third, Fourth, and Fifth harvest. Prior to remolding himself into the now well known 'Second Harvest Guy', he generally was just a frequent caller from the 732 area code.

For those who have not caught on with the joke, 'Second Harvest' is the urination and re-consumption of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, an expensive Scotch that is so good, that apparently it can be harvested again and again after the digestive process.

He returned in Episode 227, where he told Ghost that he was drinking 577th harvest, but Ghost misheard it as 57th harvest. He has also become part of the Ghost's Inner Circle. He has occasionally called up drinking Bernie Sanders harvest and Trump Vodka Second Harvest.


A troll who completely turned the tables on Ghost's show in the final months of the broadcast when he started calling other radio shows using a Soundboard of Ghost - splices included. Ghost was very angry about having himself besmirched in this way, and repeatedly told people to not call other shows in his voice. Nevertheless his exploits continued, all the way up to Howard Stern receiving a call in late January, causing Ghost to end that show in utter disgust.


A Splicer, who arrived on the show in February, and made 6 notable audio clips, ranging from Ghost drinking afterbirth, popping pills, to chugging pony piss. He 'retired' soon after. He managed to initiate Cans.wav when a different person played one of his audio splices to Ghost.


Another Splicer, similar to Tango Whiskey, who made some of the first splices of Ghost back in August of 2011. He induced massive rage from Ghost as a result, as some of his splices were of touchy material for him, ranging from lynching to support for Sarah Palin. He was typically the first caller during Radio Graffiti, already putting Ghost in a bad mood (save for one time when he was foiled - a splice of Ghost asking the listeners to lynch blacks didn't sound well put together, and Ghost noted this and promptly kicked him off.)


A music caller dating back to June, who would play loud music whenever one of his multiple skype names were called on, ranging from Celine Dion to Karate Kid, which happens to be one of Ghost's favorite movies - and instilled the creation of a remix many months later as a result. He made a short comeback in January, doing what he always does best - ear rape. He returned again in May 2012 to play advertisements and a clip from what is presumed to be from the Maury Povich show about a 14-year old girl getting pregnant from having sex with over thirty different guys. Ghost reacted in absolute disgust to the call to the point of cans.wav.

Bowling Alley Guy

Bowling Alley Guy was a short-lived troll who made a short series of calls to Ghost during Radio Graffiti on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast.

His calls usually consisted of a few seconds of silence, allowing the background noises of the bowling alley to reach Ghost. He would then provide a casual greeting. Although his calls were very spontaneous, and rather rare, he still irritated Ghost greatly.

Some listeners have noticed a similarity between him and The Capitalist Queer (mentioned below), as both trolls were prominent only in September of 2011, yet the Bowling Alley Guy typically was picked up on Radio Graffiti much more often. A few consider both to be the same person, but this was never clarified.

Capitalist Queer

Capitalist Queer was a short lived Twitter name and an occasional caller on Ghost's True Capitalist Radio during September 2011. His calls were usually short and consisted of him talking about his boyfriend, or singing something to Ghost. Although he annoyed Ghost greatly, some found him to be a failtroll, since Ghost hangs up on fast talking people almost all the time. He inspired several copy-cat trolls afterwards. Capitalist Queer's last call was on February 13th, 2012 asking Ghost if he would be interested in being his Valentine.

Some listeners thought he was the Bowling Alley Guy as well, due to the similarity in their calls, and the times when they were active (September 2011), a claim that was never verified.


TheChizz was a remixer/splicer during the pre-return era of True Capitalist Radio.

TheChizz mainly used splices to troll Ghost with the occasional use of a remix. One of his notable splices is "Ghost's Pink Taco", which was also his debut splice. He has made a couple of remixes the notable ones being "Melting pot of Gary Oak" and "Just Give Her A Hambone".

Church of My Little Pony

A brony claiming to start up a religion about 'My Little Pony' and asking Ghost to join, even trying to persuade him with "Tiger Shrimp Tuesdays ". He began his calls right around the end of the 2011-12 run of True Capitalist Radio, so he wasn't able to make a lot of calls.

Crayon Guy

A short lived troll, from August to October 2011, who called up asking Ghost to place Crayola items in his butthole. Ghost was disgusted, but got even more annoyed when he started calling back multiple times afterwards.


A former long time listener and minor troll who started the 'Kill Your Family' series of audio spam, which Ghost mistook for "satanic subliminal messaging'. On its initial play, it caused Ghost rant about Satanic bands for three minutes. The reaction to this clip spawned remixes and splices from a phrase Ghost has uttered in response: "Yeah, dude, Satan is good, Satan is my pal!".

A splice created and voiced by him, "True European Radio", was played on Capitalist Episode 296.

Illuminati Guy

A caller from Bavaria with a thick accent, who simply stated that something is in the Illuminati, whether it be Ghost, Herman Cain, Rainbow Dash, or Ghost's Granny. Ghost was annoyed with him at how frequently he called in, and deduced him to be a moron when he didn't know that the Illuminati were based in Bavaria, where he had been vacationing. He stopped calling afterwards.

Inspector Ghost/Gadget/Hambone

After The Harbinger's famous remix went live on Youtube after enraging Ghost in November 2011, Inspector Gadget memes became a popular way to troll Ghost on his show. One person did an impersonation of Dr. Claw's infamous quote "I'll get you next time Gadget, next time; hahahahaha!", and annoyed Ghost in doing so, who apparently knows the TV show. For months afterwards, different callers (including the original Inspector Hambone remixer) did the same thing, replacing Gadget with 'Hambone', 'Ghostler', and even references to his Granny.


One of the original trolls who once called Ghost during a 2008 episode of True Conservative Radio who was a black man known for preaching Christianity to Ghost. He's also known for his catchphrase "That's Not Necessary" whenever Ghost would make 'uncalled for' comments to him & has possibly spent the most time on the air with Ghost(Almost 28 minutes).

'Mom, Shut the Fuck Up'/ Basement Dweller

This troll made his first call during the Christmas 2011 broadcast, angry at his mother about a hot dog. His calls usually featured him cursing out his mother, who was apparently in the background doing something he did not approve of. Ghost does not appreciate kids berating their parents and showing them no respect, so he took serious offense to the Dweller's comments - which ranged from homework, dragon dildos, and masturbating (of which he denied allowing his mother to join him in his activities).

Mr. Sev

A troll that splices what Ghost says the previous episode, most famous for his "Bernie fuck my ass, Ted, fuck my face" splice. Mr. Sev was a very prominent caller that would usually get cans.wav reactions until Skype stopped working in the summer of 2016. Since then, he plays his splices uncredited on Google Hangouts.

Starting in 2017, Mr. Sev now credits himself when playing splices in Google Hangouts.

As of Ghost's hiatus and comeback, his status as a caller is unknown, however no calls have been attributed to him so far.

NWO Shill Guy

'Brotha' as defined by Ghost, who started calling the show in June 2011, and accused him of being a member of the New World Order and Illuminati, to which Ghost responded in annoyance. He was sent to Ghost's show through Alex Jones, who happens to be Ghost's least favorite fellow radio host (along with Howard Stern). Ghost does not approve of siphoning listeners away from his show, and is disgusted at the amount of people who fall for the conspiracy movement, so he was not amused at being labeled a shill himself. NWO Shill Guy occasionally called him out as a Racist, to which Ghost reacted to with a questionable phrase, stating that the caller couldn't feed his family with a bucket of chicken, which was used against him a week later by the Shill. The NWO Shill Guy stopped calling after August, and was not seen again, although a random caller copied his 'Bucket of Chicken' phrase afterwards.

This caller, or someone impersonating him, has called in twice since the hiatus, with Ghost shrugging off both calls. He was also mentioned in a Twitter Name on episode 493 that caused cans.wav.

Penis Penis Penis

A January 2012 caller who called up to 5 to 10 times per show simply whispering 'penis..penis..penis..penis' in a very rushed tone until Ghost knocked him off the air. At first Ghost thought the caller was referring to Penix 2.0, but got sick and tired of him chain calling, and simply responded :"Okay, we know what you like up your.. poopshoot we get it there."..

He was referencing an unnamed character from the television show, "Mission Hill" who is known to whisper "Penis" into another person's ear.


A splicer who called into the show on a frequent basis, and usually played splices made by other trolls. He caused great anger for Ghost in a call in August after a lucky break where he queued up a splice of Ghost saying his '57 Chevy line against Texas immediately after Ghost used it against a failtroll just seconds before.

In an early call to the show he even made his own rap for Ghost, and played it on Radio Graffiti. Ghost however thought it was lame and thought that 'farting on a snare-drum' could produce a better sound than his song.

Shower Guy

One of the many poor man's blatant imitation of the famous Tub Guy, the "Shower Guy" appearing since September 2016 has nonetheless caused Ghost to rage on several occasions. He talks with a similar tone and accent to Tub Guy but with a slightly higher voice, and like Tub Guy he usually makes advances toward Ghost, sometimes invoking Tub Guy himself (suggesting a three-way with him, for example). Shower Guy is voiced by Tison Rockit.

Following the G Suicide Hoax Incident, this character, among all the other Tub Guy ripoffs, would be largely abandoned as a trolling tactic.

Thai Fruit Dragon

A splicer who has called Ghost frequently since his return. He made the vast majority of the Daniel Bryan's instant splices causing Ghost to usually rage whilst proclaiming "I just freaking said that!". He disappeared after the Skype option to call in to BlogTalkRadio was removed in June 2016.


A Transsexual, she was a semi-frequent caller on Ghost's show, mostly during Radio Graffiti from late 2011 to early 2012. Her first call was on Capitalist Episode 180. Her most famous moment was during Capitalist Episode 209 when she managed to get Ghost to rage quit during Radio Graffiti, fighting with Amy Daly over Ghost. Her last call was in March 2012, which Ghost claimed she looked like "Gordon Ramsay with a wig." After that call, Ghost refused to take her calls.

Templeton Sanders

A new troll that first appeared in May 2016. He would call in every day, playing content posted in the NEW MATERIAL HERE page, in addition to other sexual audio he finds online. He stopped calling after Skype stopped working with Blog Talk Radio. He came back in July 20th, 2016, playing his own splices. Since then, whenever he called in, he would always get cans.wav. He got his first raqequit on August 10, after his "Jihadi John Conquest" splice. This caused KaraszKun to block him on Twitter because he was about to get called on by Ghost.

His peak of trolling happened during Capitalist Episode 381, where he was part of a record highest amount of chain cans.wav, along with Benito, Doremy Sweet, and Twitter users.. He played two gruesome splices back to back, getting a cans.wav and "gimmie the mic" each. This was the end of his cans.wav run, as his next splice on Capitalist Episode 385 was deemed too dark for Ghost, so he cut it off early without any cans.

As of Ghost's hiatus and return, his status as a caller is unknown, as no calls have been attributed to his name.

Top Badge

Another of the many audio trolls who called into the broadcast, his most notable one caused Ghost much pain during a Radio Graffiti with his 'Happy Halloween' remix played in September 2011. Since The Return, he can often be found in the ogcapitalistarmy chatroom, however he has indirectly trolled Ghost once through Tub Guy playing his dramatic reading of MaskedPony's diaper fetish Pony fanfiction that he read in the chatroom.