The Angry Mom was an individual who called Ghost's True Capitalist Radio broadcast on June 28th, 2011, halting the show for fifteen minutes to rage at Ghost and prompt an extended argument between the two titans of extremism.

She called the show twice during the broadcast and caused Ghost serious pain to the point that he had to bring in Debi Daly to help him argue with her. She claimed to have been watching her son listening to Ghost for the past few hours and grabbed the phone from him out of anger finally after listening to Ghost for long enough.

She is known for being one of the few trolls Ghost has allowed to talk without being muted and prompty kicked off (Ron Paul Girl being another example).

She is a subscriber to Alex Jones and Michael Moore (two men Ghost loathes with an outspoken passion) and is, as Ghost calls her, "a drunkard lush" who hates CapitalismTexas, and thinks Ghost is an NWO shill. This was one of only a few times Ghost has properly won an argument (although he had to bring on another caller as his help) only due to the fact that his adversary was even stupider then him. Following her tirade, Ghost dismantled her evidence and told her off with Debi Daly on the line, and declared a full victory to himself and continued on with his Taco Tuesday in glee.

The CallsEdit

Ghost vs Angry Mother Part 115:00

Ghost vs Angry Mother Part 1

Part 1

Ghost vs Angry Mother Part 214:32

Ghost vs Angry Mother Part 2

Part 2

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