The supposed cupcakes as seen on

The Cupcake Lady is a minor character on True Capitalist Radio. She was first mentioned in April 2017, when Ghost stated that the woman who lives across the street from him gave him cupcakes out of the blue, a gesture which Ghost appreciated, eating the cupcakes on the air and stating "they were like crack". This led to many Twitter names and splices accusing Ghost of cheating on his wife with the cupcake lady.

On May 3rd, 2017, Ghost would state that the Cupcake lady is trying to ruin his marriage on, confirming the trolls suspicions. He stated that the reason he had to abruptly the show scheduled for that day was due to the fact that the cupcake lady had brought him Cinco De Mayo-themed cupcakes, and Mrs. Ghost had seen it happen, causing her to act jealous. Ghost kept the cupcakes and ate them on the air on May 4th, once again loving them, causing even more trolls about the cupcakes.

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