The Return

Ghost has quit and returned to his broadcast at various times. He originally hosted True Conservative Radio before quitting and eventually returning for True Capitalist Radio. This article deals with his return after nearly 4 years of absence to True Capitalist Radio in spring of 2016. This is the most notable return in Ghost's history because it occurred after the longest period of absence and at this point Ghost had the largest audience.

During the fall of 2015 Ghost made a special broadcast warning of economic collapse and other disasters and telling his followers that he might be returning to the air, if he saw enough support. In Spring of 2016 this finally happened, beginning with the Emergency Broadcast, the first live broadcast in nearly 4 years. Ghost announced his support for Donald J. Trump as 2016 President of the United States of America and began regularly hosting broadcasts again, Monday-Friday at 4 PM CST. The show was initially only 2-hours a day for health reasons and pressures from his wife, although he promised to expand the show to 3 hours, which finally came to fruition in September 2016. A new Twitter account, PoliticsGhost, was opened immediately before he returned to the air, and Ghost has tweeted regularly since.

This event ended on May 8th, 2017, when Ghost announced he would take another break from the show. He made it clear that this was not the end of the show, just another hiatus, and certainly not as long as his last break.

Major events since the Return

  1. Ghost's support of Trump - Ghost supported Donald J. Trump for president and has aggressively advocated for his presidency and winning of the Republican nomination. Trump's presidential bid inspired Ghost to return in the first place. In the end, Trump ended up winning both the nomination and the presidency, leading to much celebration on Ghost's end.
  2. Templeton - During his second full broadcast since the return, Ghost's dog, Templeton, disrupted his show by biting on cords while he was live on air. This caused technical difficulties, resulting in Ghost's mic being out of commission, forcing him to use a smartphone for the next two weeks of the show, meaning increased technical difficulties. This was also followed by waves of Twitter Names about his dog.
  3. Ghost is a Cripple - Ghost, during one broadcast, jokingly alluded to being in a wheelchair. Listeners pretended to take this seriously and began trolling him with accusations of being handicapped.
  4. The Chalkening - Tub Guy proposed, following a news story of college feminists being triggered by students writing "#Trump2016" on public spaces at their college campuses, that the Capitalist Army do the same thing on campuses across the country. The event occurred successfully and more than 20 college campuses were chalked by Ghost's listeners. Much Twitter drama ensued, to the point where one news outlet even did a story about chalk on campuses, although not quite related to The Chalkening.
  5. The 2 Hour Anime Rant - Ghost, after having had some anime pictures tweeted at him by a Republican delegate, went on a two hour drunken rant about anime. His show was then immediately flooded with anime twitter names, splices and trolls the next few shows.
  6. Texas Floods - In Mid-April 2016 Texas was subjected to record-breaking levels of rain in and around Houston, Texas resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. Ghost naturally blamed HAARP for the catastrophic floods. This essentially marked the rebirth of Texas Wildfire jokes in the form of Texas Flooding related twitter names, remixes and splices, to similar rage as the Texas Wildfire caused in 2011.
  7. Daniel Bryan Splices - Ghost's show, beginning in May, became overwhelmed with Daniel Bryan Splices which were found to be among the best at making Ghost rage since the Return. Some trolls, however, did not like the low effort that was required to make these splices, and they were soon replaced with the later "instant splices".
  8. Intro Trolling - Trolls began making remixes of Ghost's intro, reworking his intro to True Communist Radio, True Racist Radio and many others. Ghost finds these trolls particularly upsetting and they have become quite a regular troll, featured during nearly every single Radio Graffiti.
  9. Half a Tard Ghost, Satanic Ghost and Cartoon Voices - In mid to late May, Ghost found himself trolled by listeners replaying clips of his voice slowed down, making him sound like "half a tard".  Ghost, unsurprisingly, found these frustrating.  They were soon followed by clips of Ghost's voice being played at a much lower pitch with mystical/dark/satanic music playing in the background, making him sound like "the prince of freakin' darkness or some crap" and, on the same exact show, clips of his voice sped up, set to cartoon/video game music making him sound first like a Smurf and then many other cartoon characters.  Ghost found this all quite upsetting, resulting in massive rage.  
  10. Vietnam - In late May Vietnam became a hotly discussed matter in True Capitalist Radio after Obama lifted the arms embargo on the country and Memorial Day was closing in. This led to a number of Vietnam related trolls rising up. Vietnam soon proved to be an extremely sensitive subject to Ghost and these trolls sent Ghost into a special, uncharacteristic kind of rage and he even threatened to remove one of his episodes because of the high amount of Vietnam related trolling.
  11. 2016 MaskedPony Incident - The first good, old-fashioned troll drama since the return. It featured a disgusting brony (although Ghost didn't mind this at first, and MaskedPony was actually a serious caller for a few weeks) with a diaper fetish, a bunch of trolls angry at his brown-nosing and attempts at taking away Radio Graffiti, and a raging, vomiting Ghost, ending with MaskedPony being outright banned from calling into the show, Ghost rage quitting, and then hosting several shows where Radio Graffiti outright did not happen, or Ghost having either little or no reaction to the trolls, or spiraling into a massive rage. He also displayed uncharacteristic rage where he would swear several times without "excusing his french" or even giving out 3 Failtrolls numbers out in a row. Ghost seems to have simmered down since the incident.
  12. 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting - On June 12, 2016, at the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida the deadliest mass shooting in US history took place. Ghost quickly responded to the shooting by hosting a Random Sunday show. Trolls were also quick to respond and though the Sunday episode was mostly serious in tone and in callers, it saw a series of Orlando shooting related Twitter Shoutouts, to Ghost's disgust and anger.
  13. Brexit - Ghost was overjoyed that the British left the European Union. This was something Ghost had long supported and fit perfectly in-line with his ideology and political opinions. Ghost saw this as proof that people are rising up against the international bureaucrats who want to control their lives.
  14. G Exposes Himself - Since The Return, a new serious caller, G, arose, brown-nosing and calling in upwards of five times a show to compliment and congratulate Ghost on a great show. After the trolls started accusing Teutonic Plague of liking Undertale, G called up to defend Teutonic Plague and Undertale. This caused Ghost to rage and ban him from the show. G can now be found on Twitter, begging for Ghost to respond to him and call on him so he can apologize. This did eventually happen, and Ghost and G got along for a while, until the G Suicide Hoax Incident occured.
  15. The Nice, France terror attack - During the middle of a show in mid-July, a massive terrorist incident occurred in France, with 80+ people dead and countless more injured after being run over by a truck by a radical Muslim. This became a topic of discussion for the next few episodes.
  16. Attempted Military Coup in Turkey - The very next show after the Nice terror attacks, another incident occurred in Turkey involving an attempted military coup, trying to force Erdogan, the leader of Turkey, out of power. Ghost backed the military at first, claiming that the Erdogan supporters were "wild jahudis", however after the coup, he began stating that it was a false flag for Erdogan to expand his power over Turkey, much to Ghost's anger. This and the Nice terror attacks led to the next few shows being mostly serious, with Ghost taking several days off.
  17. Double Dipping Incident - Ghost was confronted, off-air, by Department of Homeland Security agents while he was with his wife at a Taco Bar, and took a day off the show to contemplate whether or not to continue his broadcasting.
  18. The G Suicide Hoax Incident - During Episode 367, G was exposed for being both Toilet Guy (later turned out to just be a ripoff of Toilet Guy) and liking Anime. Things took a turn for the worse once he claimed on Twitter that he was gonna kill himself, and went from bad to worse once it turned out it was an apparent hoax to get more hits for his BTR show, G Freedom Radio. This led to Ghost banning G from the show, kicking him out of the Inner Circle, and seriously considering ending the show for good for the first time since he came back.
  19. Donald Trump's victory - Against all odds, Donald Trump pulled off a shocking upset against opponent Hillary Clinton, much to the joy of Ghost, stating that True Capitalist Radio for the foreseeable future.
  20. Saturday Night Troll Show - With an autograph war between Mr. Fortune Cookie (pro-Radio Graffiti) and Mr. Optimism (anti-Radio Graffiti) with the latter winning, a compromise came for the trolls that they would get their own show.
  21. Mrs. Ghost's car accident - before Capitalist Episode 496, Ghost's wife was involved in a car accident, causing him to lose $5,000 in car repair damages, courtesy of a squirrel.
  22. The Cupcake Lady - Ghost was thought to have an affair with the Cupcake Lady, causing him to cancel May 2nd, 2017's episode.
  23. The End/The Break - On May 8th, 2017, Ghost announced he was taking a break from the show for a variety of reasons. He vowed to come back to the show, but it would be massively changed. This once again put the show on hiatus, ending The Return.