thisissparta789789 is a Post-Return era troll who is mainly known for his splices, especially intro splices. Sparta has a much more hostile relation with Ghost than most trolls because of the content in some of his calls, which has lead to Ghost giving outright serious threats to him serval serval times in the show.

He first listened to Ghost in 2012, just months after he stopped broadcasting. When Ghost came back in 2016, he at first lurked until around June 2016, when he began making calls. His first cans.wav call came from the intro remix "True Communist Radio" in Episode 302, which caused Ghost to rage for 9 minutes and end the show.

In Episode ###, after playing a splice where the Engineer had sex with Ghost's granddaughter, Ghost began to take a more serious tone with his anger, telling him to "die in a fire." In Episode 369, after partially playing "True Incest Radio," Ghost revealed to his listeners that thisissparta789789 was a volunteer firefighter, something he had told the BronyNetwork chatroom on YouTube when explaining why he was not often around on Mondays. He then told him to burn in flames and prayed to God for it to happen. Some of Ghost's lines during this rant proved to be premium splice material, especially the line "Lol, you died, lol, lol, you died," came to be used in many splices and remixes.

After the Kylecnj Incident, he became one of several moderators on the BronyNetwork's livestream of the broadcast, and remains one to this day.

He has also created several successful Twitter names, including Everest Ice Party and Marlins Boating Club, the latter of which caused massive cans.

During Episode 431, an intro splice calling out CelticBrony actually led Ghost to come to Celtic's aid and reveal that he's a part of the Inner Circle. Thisissparta789789 knew that Celtic was in the Inner Circle, but did not expect Ghost to defend him.

Links Edit

Thisissparta's YouTube

Videos Edit

Ghost's Reaction to True Communist Radio AKA SEPTUPLE CANS09:44

Ghost's Reaction to True Communist Radio AKA SEPTUPLE CANS

Ghost's Reaction to 500AM KKK Radio03:18

Ghost's Reaction to 500AM KKK Radio

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