Ghost wants his shrimp back


—Ghost, on the Tiger Shrimp eating his supply of shrimp.

Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon, also known Asian Tiger Shrimp, Giant Tiger Shrimp or Black Tiger Shrimp) are a species of edible shrimp native to Asian waters. They are much larger than the common Litopenaeus setiferus or white shrimp which are enjoyed as a food in America. Tiger Shrimp are an invasive species that feed on the native shrimp supply in ecosystems they are introduced to.

Between 2005 and 2012, a large infestation of Tiger Shrimp invaded the Gulf of Mexico. This caused Ghost extreme rage, as the Tiger Shrimp were eating into Texas's supply of white shrimp, a delicacy Ghost enjoys. Tiger Shrimp can be considered the trolls of the sea, eating Ghost's precious shrimp before he can get to them.

Trolls have poked fun at this situation to make Ghost rage that he cannot have his shrimp.


The most common way to troll with Tiger Shrimp is to make a Twitter name. Despite the few names, many have managed to make Ghost cans.wav.


  • Asian Tiger Shrimp
  • Hannibal Shrimpler
  • No Shrimp for Ghost
  • No Shrimp for Texas
  • Shrimp Deals In Texas
  • Shrimps for Ghost
  • Tiger Shrimp LOL

Another way is to call Ghost about the topic which will just end up with Ghost saying "he wants his shrimp back."

The most famous trolling example is Tango Whiskey's "Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust", a splice to make it seem like a movie trailer.

Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust Movie Trailer

Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust Movie Trailer

Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust