We got Touhous4Ghost. Touhous4Ghost!? YOU FOOT FETISH SICK SONS OF! cans.wav SICK FREAKS!

—Ghost, noticing a Touhou related Twitter name


Ghostno, the strongest capitalist

Touhou Project is a Japanese Bullet Hell shooter series developed by Team Shanghai Alice and it's sole member ZUN. The story takes place in the fictional realm of Gensokyo where shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei and her best friend Marisa Kirisame fight against supernatural beings known as yōkai. The games are notable for their focus on fantasy world instead of space like most 2D shooters, their large cast of almost all-female characters and difficulty.

Touhou has a very large fanbase, that is largely connected to the anime fandom. Despite this however their presence hasn't been as big most of the time as Bronies or Spongebobbies, but Ghost, during the True Capitalist Radio, still rages at them on occasion. Often, he claims that they are "Sick foot fetish freaks." (likely because Touhou is pronounced "toe-hoe") However the amount of splices, user names, and remixes were rather minimal and obscure.

Touhou related calls and Twitter names have been on the rise ever since Ghost announced his hatred for anime. Ghost has seemingly somewhat managed to figure out the connection between Touhou and anime, and this has caused him to be quite agitated when he sees Touhou fans on his show.

Touhou merchandise?

After Ghost started to sell his Brony autographs in late 2016, Touhou fans started to call for Ghost to release Touhou related merchandise and autographs. Ghost has thus far always answered to these suggestions negatively, occasionally triggering cans.wav and stating that he doesn't "want to have anything to do with you sick anime lovin' (gay people)", but he hasn't completely closed off the possibility of selling such merchandise and has shown worries that he might eventually have to sell Touhou autographs if there is enough interest for such merchandise.

2017 saw increasing amounts of people asking for Ghost to sell Touhou merch. During Episode 438 Teutonic Plague asked for Ghost to unban him if he was going to start selling Touhou merch. During Episode 439 Tub Guy called out for all the owners of Ghost autographs to broadcast themselves naked on 4cam with their Ghost autographs if he doesn't sell Touhou merch.


Ghost - U.N

Ghost - U.N. Owen Was Capitalist?

Touhou Makes Ghost Rage - -TCR January 4, 2012-

Touhou Makes Ghost Rage - -TCR January 4, 2012-

Septette for the Dead Capitalist

Septette for the Dead Capitalist

TCR- I'm drinking Okuu's breast milk

TCR- I'm drinking Okuu's breast milk. -Call and Reaction-