Transsexual Pornstar Amy Daly on True Capitalist Radio02:07

Transsexual Pornstar Amy Daly on True Capitalist Radio

Transtesticle Porn

Transtesticles, also known as transsexuals or transgender people, are individuals that have undergone extensive surgery to change their sex, or identify as the opposite gender. True Capitalist Radio seems to have a larger-than-expected share of listeners in this demographic, which Ghost himself has cottoned on to. Notable transtesticles include Tri$ha (aka NoteParty), Tina, Amy Daly and most recently, Tamina The Trap (aka 8Equal).

Most of the time, when transtesticles call Ghost, it usually ends up with Ghost getting disgusted and hanging up. Sometimes Ghost has been known to call out bad transtesticals with deep voices, mocking them by doing an uncannily good female voice impression.

For a more thorough look at ghosts political opinions on transsexuals, see LGBT.

The Return Edit

Since the return, Transtesticles have become a more serious show topic. They have gained more media coverage and are often discussed, especially as relates to laws that were passed in North Carolina which prohibits people from entering the bathroom of the sex they were not designated at birth. Ghost has stated that he is okay with this law, that as long as the Transtesticle can "pass" they'll be fine and that no one would have any reason to question their sex going into the bathroom they desire, but expressing outrage at cross-dressers and fail-trannies who look like men with dresses and use "politricks" to dismantle the notion of gender for no good reason.

Ghost describes his reassessment of the transgender movement as a kind of a change of heart. However, his sentiment that transgender issues would be moot if the transtesticles in question put an effort into passing (so that no one would question their choice of bathroom to begin with) echoes an opinion he has held since the original run of the show, such as in Capitalist Episode 151 when discussing Australia acknowledging a "third gender". Ghost does seem less disgusted by the notion of transsexualism as a whole and has expressed his belief that a "gender identity crisis" can be a legitimate struggle.

Once a common facet of Ghost's Vocabulary, the self-made epithet "transtesticle" has all but disappeared from True Capitalist Radio since The Return. Ghost has never given a proper explanation for his abandonment of the term, but it may have something to do with his aforementioned change in attitude toward the transgender movement. Ghost acknowledged the change in Capitalist Episode 429 when he officially changed the name of the Ghostie for "Transtesticle of the Year" to "Tranny of the Year", and was quick to assure his audience that he was not "becoming an SJW" by trading a made-up slur, "transtesticle" for a widely used and acknowledged actual slur for transgender people, "tranny".


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