True Capitalist Bingo is an internet MS paint game played by listeners of Ghost's True Capitalist Radio during the broadcast. The game is based on the fact that Ghost frequently repeats certain phrases, show topics and from callers certain trolls occur nearly every single show. Bingo cards are frequently distributed in threads on 4chan's /pol/ board.

2011 Edit

The concept was originally started by BlueChameleon, and shared in the BlogTalkRadio chatroom for several Baller Fridays. A caller once called in stating they had won Baller Friday bingo, and asked for a prize.

Tzeki created a Baller Friday Bingo card generator on his now-defunct website,

A card was also made for a Caiden Cowger show, but like caring about the show itself, it never stuck around.

Post-Return Edit

Since Ghost's return in 2016, occasional True Capitalist Bingo cards have been created and posted on /pol/ again, continuing the tradition.

J-Man Capitalist programmed a version that generates a new table every time, which can be downloaded here.

Gallery Edit

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