Ghost's Brick and Mortar Business

Starting late 2011, Ghost began selling True Capitalist Radio merchandise through

Ghost used his broadcast and Twitter account to advertise his merchandise, offering subscriptions to anyone who purchased his products and made a YouTube video of them with their product before January 8th. Ghost originally set the final date for purchases at January 8th, 2012, though, the submission videos could be posted later if needed.

Trolls took this as another opportunity to troll Ghost. Videos featuring fake merchandise were tweeted at Ghost and were subsequently rejected.

The Merchandise became availiable after the change in Ghost's avatar.

There was much controversy over the material itself, since it was reputed to be of 'poor quality', very very expensive (to which Coodoo even mentioned in one of his song lyrics), and Ghost later unfollowed all of the buyers.

In early July 2013, a person impersonating Ghost promised to re-follow anyone who uploaded a video of their merchandise and tweet back at him. He did not follow anyone, only prompting more scrutiny at the impostor's lack of keeping promises.

Post-Return Merchandise

After The Return, Ghost announced in June 2016 that he was writing a book (possibly to be released as an audiobook, as he questioned both the free time and attention spans of his audience) on "how to be a Capitalist", as well as planning to offer autographed beer cans he had drank and thrown around on the show. He began questioning the latter idea within minutes, as several Radio Graffiti callers mentioned being interested in the cans for sexual purposes, while others proposed using them to obtain DNA samples of Ghost. Ghost suggested that he might clean the cans with rubbing alcohol to thwart the callers' schemes, or simply abandon the idea altogether.

While Ghost has yet to follow up on either of these plans, he has opened a merchandise website,, where he has marketed several items. First, he sold membership in the Inner Circle for $45 (later $50), though this did not come with any physical merchandise. Next, he began offering postcards with his signature, a drawing, and a serial number (under the misguided belief that they would become a collectible) for $20. He initially planned to mail them with custom stamps of his avatar, but Zazzle, where he had intented to get these stamps, informed him that they could not make such stamps because of US Postal Service regulations on "political content" on official stamps. As a result, Ghost now believes that Zazzle is cahoots with the government to suppress his free speech.

This went well until by popular demand he also started selling autographed postcards of the "Engin Ear" for a discounted $9. During Capitalist Episode 358, this led to the TCR Civil War as Ghost was enraged that anyone wanted an Engineer postcard, though he calmed down when he realized that the Engineer's was not going to outsell his own.

Ghost initially did not plan to sell mass-produced generic merchandise like t-shirts, though again by popular demand he has softened somewhat and considered selling such products after all. He later began selling "Ghostler Youth" apparel through Teespring (strangely not on Ghost has since started selling both merch of his new avatar and Radio Graffiti apparel through Teespring.

Following the financial (if not emotional) success of the Ghost-Engineer autograph battle, Ghost has staged competitions between autograph postcards of a number of characters from the show for various purposes. Virtually all of this merchandise has sold well and can be assumed to be making Ghost fairly wealthy given the inexpensive nature of the cards themselves. Since the Return the following cards have been sold:

  • Civil War (won by Ghost)
    • Ghost, originally the only card planned for sale.
    • "Engin Ear", introduced by popular demand; led to the Civil War
  • 2017 Valentine's Day Cards
    • "Let's Capitalize Together, Valentine" (Ghost)
    • "You're My Melting Pot of Friendship!" (Ghost)
    • "You're the Talent, Valentine!" (Engineer)
  • Radio Graffiti Autograph War (won by Mr. Optimism)
    • "Fortune Cookie", in support of preserving Radio Graffiti.
    • "Mr. Optimism", won over Fortune Cookie, in opposition to Radio Graffiti.
  • Other

With the exception of the original Ghost card, all of the postcard art, like Ghost's new avatar, has been done by KaraszKun and features skeletal motifs inspired by said avatar. These provide the first official artwork of any character other than Ghost himself.

Trolls often suggest that Ghost sell various other autographs, leading to an entire category of Twitter names. Some of the more popular campaigns have been successful in getting Ghost to sell particular items, such as those for "pony merch" and "Mah Keedz merch".

The "mah keedz merch" was supposedly taken down by Elfoxoloco following him reporting it to Gumroad for "racist content". Later, Ghost's entire gumroad was taken down for making "El Poz-Hole Fox-Hole" merch, supposedly due to reporting done by Elfoxoloco. This led to the end of, as the page simply redirected to Ghost's BlogTalkRadio page.

However, following interest in Inner Circle slots and merch, Ghost put up a new online store, with new IC slots going for $300 and two shirts currently for sale. It's unclear if any more autographs will be sold, especially considering the now strained relationship between Ghost and Karaszkun. Ghost has claimed he actually paid Karaszkun upwards of $1000 on commission for the art used on the show and the autographs.

Asho showing his counterfeit Ghost t-shirt.

Tubguy buys a True Capitalist Radio T Shirt from Ghost

Tubguy buys a True Capitalist Radio T Shirt from Ghost

Tub Guy bought the shirt for real.