No, not this (exactly)

The True Capitalist Ring of Honor was a group of True Capitalist Radio fans that have bought something from its merchandise store, and tweeted a video of them using it to Ghost. The closing date for qualifying purchases was the 11th of January 2012, but some videos were still after the deadline.

Members of the ring of honor would've gotten several privileges, according to Ghost. All so far have gotten followed by him on Twitter. He also claims the members would of got bonuses at 'GhostCon', his planned convention, as well as a host of mystery privileges in 2012 and beyond.

List of MembersEdit

The True Capitalist Ring of Honor stands at 33 members.

Member's Twitter Member's Wiki Page (if available)
@DJPenguin3 DJ Penguin (Minor Troll)
@Gasgara Gasgara
@Coodoo17 Coodoo17
@KneeSlappington KneeSlappington
@MetroidJunkie Metroid Junkie
@Mom_STFU Mom, STFU (Minor Troll)
@scull314 Scull 314 (Minor Troll)
@SenPooptickler Senator Pooptickler
@JohntheSponge SpongeBobbies
@SuspiTumbleweed Suspicuous Tumbleweed


Surge Radio
@The_Harbingerr The Harbinger



Legitimate Application VideosEdit

When people wanted to enter the ring of honor, all the buyer had to do was make a video of them using the merchandise, and upload it to YouTube.
TCR Shot Glass & Spoken Lesson00:21

TCR Shot Glass & Spoken Lesson

The Harbingerr buys a Shot Glass.

Troll Application VideosEdit

Because of the prospect of getting a guaranteed video view from Ghost, many trolls saw the ring of honor application as a chance to show videos of items that had Ghost's Avatar taped onto them to masquerade as genuine merchandise.
I Bought the True Capitalist Radio Toilet Paper01:32

I Bought the True Capitalist Radio Toilet Paper

Dissolution of the RoHEdit

However, due to Troll War III, the Ring of Honor was dissolved including Ghost leaving TCR. Ghost would make a similar group called the Inner Circle during the Return era. However, Elfoxoloco advised that it would be like the RoH again and not go anywhere.

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