★ ★ ★ Winner of: Best Investigative Journalist at the 2016 Ghosties ★ ★ ★


Trumping Capitalist (also known as: @ThegodofRage, @TrumpingC, @TrumpingCapita1 or Trumpublican) is a listener and serious (for the most part) caller on True Capitalist Radio since the return. He has called since the return and writes about serious news topics, such as the Cruz Sex Scandal, Hillary's Email Scandal, the Clinton Foundation, and the Runa Capital Investigation. Though still seen as autistic by most trolls, he generally gets more respect from them than the Short Bus Members and other Serious Callers since he hangs around the OG Capitalist Army chatroom from time to time and occasionally takes part in trolling activities himself. He confirmed during Episode 371 that he is of Jewish descent, which Ghost took relatively well. On Episode 404 he called in during Radio Graffiti and called Ghost "Pickle Boy" and a Hambone, causing Ghost to rage over the betrayal.

On March 4th, Trumping's original twitter handle was suspended, but quickly reappeared under the new handle, @TrumpingC. He immediately wrote an article expressing disdain and disgust, as well as confusion about his suspension. It was later determined that he was suspended due to "Targeted Abuse / Harassment". On March 13th, His alternate account was suspended for reasons unknown, and now resides under the new handle, @TrumpingCapita1

Ghost would become very upset with Trumping on the 8th episode of the Saturday Night Troll Show, after it was revealed that he cared more about getting paid for his articles on than Ghost's safety following his short disappearance. The following Monday, after ranting and kicking MakeAusGreat out of the chatroom for making a Jew joke, Trumping would be targeted too, with Ghost claiming that he had been trying to rally the chatroom to support him against Ghost on the matter. Ghost refused to name names, but people were quick to deduce who he was talking about, as he mentioned this person had a birthday, and at the time of the broadcast it was Trumping's birthday.

Trumping left the Inner Circle on May 20, 2017 and was doxed by the Inner Circle, as well as his parents being called by them.

After leaving the Inner Circle, Trumping was kicked out of Tison Rockit's discord room due to being caught feeding screenshots to MakeAusGreat in a different server. It was also rumored that he had been leaking the Inner Circle chatroom via DMs to several people.

-TCR -404- The Ultimate Betrayal of Ghost05:36

-TCR -404- The Ultimate Betrayal of Ghost

TrumpinCapitalist's betrayal

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