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Are you seriously listening to me in the tub? You're a sick bastard, you know that right?


The Tub Guy is a regular caller and one of the longest running trolls on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast with varied consistency in his calls. Tub Guy is a well known troll highly recognized for playing the sound of water running in a tub and ending his calls with the usual "Oh my". He often calls from Cleveland, Ohio area code 614 or 610 and frequently varies the contents of his call.

Although the majority of his calls are to troll, he's made a few serious calls as well (which resulted in negative Twitter names, such as "Tub Guy sux no lulz.") One of his most notable calls was when he played the sound of a horse neigh followed by him saying "Oh my", causing Ghost to rage in disbelief at what he just heard.

Tub Guy: Ghost, I just filled up my tub with gravy. Let's swim around in it like a couple of hambones! Oh my!
Ghost: Augh, Jesus Christ, it's Tub Guy over here. You're actually bathing in gravy for freaking Christmas? Is this a freaking tradition of sorts, or what?
Tub Guy: You're damn right. You should come over here and join me; it'll be totally legit!
Ghost: Y'know, you're a sick son of a bitch. You know that? I mean every damn show, you call up, and you always want me to go into a freaking tub with you, for Christ's sake, and then you end the goddamn sentence with an 'Oh my!' I mean, do you understand how gay that is?
Tub Guy: No, how about you explain it to all of us?
Ghost: You know what, you're a gay ba- get him out of here, for Christ's sake! He wants to bathe in gravy, for Christ's sake, with me! It's sick, man!

According to several of his calls (and YouTube videos that have since been deleted), Tub Guy works as a truck driver. He claimed that he had a tub installed in his truck cab, and once responded to a challenge from Ghost to "come down to Austin and say that" by stating that he was actually doing so and making a YouTube video of him recording the streets of Austin from the cab of the truck, which unfortunately has been lost.

Tub Guy originally intended to be an imitation of George Takei (hence Tub Guy's catchphrase, "Oh my"), but in his first call, Ghost thought Tub Guy was calling from the tub, so Tub Guy stuck with that idea. This initial call consisted of him asking Ghost to have a three-way with him and Rick Perry.

The bathtub noise was created by splicing a few different bathtub wav files together with audacity. The sound effect was available on Tubguy's youtube account (JWLuke787) in the video "George Takei Bathtub.", but this video is sadly no longer available.

Because of Tub Guy's notoriety as a troll, he has appeared in some remixes, such as "Ghost Vs. Tub Guy" by Melodosis, also appearing in the fake movie advertisement of "Ghostler's Shrimp Holocaust".

After The Return

In response to Ghost's 2015 video, Tub Guy made a video pleading Ghost to return. In it, he explained the threat of World War III, and that people need to take Ghost seriously. Tub Guy then apologized for the calls that he made which angered Ghost, but thanked Ghost for inspiring him to quit his job as a truck driver and go back to school. Tub Guy explained that the reason he called in was to bring laughter to people and he never meant any malice. He then concluded his video with a brief story of how his roommate was a clopper and asked all bronies to never call again, before ending with his signature 'It'll be totally legit. Oh my'. Ghost liked the video, as shown on his Youtube account's activity page. In the comments section of his video, Tub Guy said that when Ghost hosts a new show, he will call the show and tell his clopper roommate story to Ghost. Tub Guy finally shared this story with Ghost on Capitalist Episode 250.


Tub Guy's tub sketch, with a lot of individuals from the show

Strangely enough, Ghost and Tub Guy seem to share a friendship. Tub Guy has made Ghost burst out laughing on mic before with his jokes, they regularly retweet each other, and Ghost always makes sure to happily greet Tub Guy whenever he sees him in Twitter Shoutouts. This is likely due to Tub Guy's unironic support of the show, and the fact that he's an Inner Circle member. This did not stop him from trolling Ghost, and would often be the last caller of the show, making Ghost end the show in anger.

Retirement and Future in TCR.

George Takei Advocates For Pedophilia, As Long As They Find The Adult "Attractive" -Milo

George Takei Advocates For Pedophilia, As Long As They Find The Adult "Attractive" -Milo

The George Takei interview that caused the death of Tub Guy.

After almost a year since Ghost came back, in February, the Tub Guy Character was retired after issues came about with Elfoxoloco as a result of a drama between the two over a chatroom. Tubguy would later delete his TCR Related content and his twitter account (The Latter only temporarily), which would signal the end of the character. Later on it turned out that this argument between Elfoxo and Tub Guy was just the last straw in Hoodie's decision to abandon the character and the real reason that he abandoned it was an interview given by George Takei where he defended pedophilia which caused the catchphrase "Oh My" to be "tainted forever", in his words. Since this event, he has gone under the alias of "Darth Hoodie" or simply "Hoodie", and it's unclear if he'll return to troll Ghost one day as a separate character.

Tub Guy did a collaboration with the African Booty Scratcher on the pilot of Ghost's Saturday Night Troll Show, killing off the character for good after an arms deal gone wrong. However, he appeared on Capitalist Episode 477 during Radio Graffiti, claiming to be in a 'troll retirement home', before telling Ghost that they were out of condoms and that they 'need a dispenser here'.

Despite retiring his character, Tubguy officially came back with a confessions call on Episode 486. Ghost would be outraged from the call that he would want to call him, but wound up calling a Helen Keller Deaf Mute with the same area code. This led to Ghost breaking out in rage and ended the broadcast ("I wish this was your face--(cans.wav)!"

In July 1st, 2017 Hoodie closed down his Discord server. Reason for this is unknown but it's believed to be related to an incident that happened around the same time where MakeAusGreat was kicked from the Inner Circle.

He would return to troll Ghost after his break.


During an "episode" of Radio Molly On the CyTube for The Brony Network, Brony Network's girlfriend, aka "Molly", got a call from Tub Guy, later on in the show, they called once more. During this, "Molly" Asked a question about Tub Guy's Backstory. Surprisingly, he answered. This is what he answered with.

"Well, it all started out with the 'Internet Butt Stalker', he had a high pitched voice, so i needed a low pitched voice, and i thought what would be the fruitiest place to give calls to ghost from, and i thought the bathtub, so that's where it all started."
Btr ghost tubguy compilation

Btr ghost tubguy compilation

An earlier compilation video which includes the horse segment.

Melodosis- Ghost Vs

Melodosis- Ghost Vs. Tub Guy

Tubguy's Ghost Story

Tubguy's Ghost Story

Tub Guy shares his past experiences with a Brony roommate to Ghost.