✩ ✩ ✩ Obtained an Honorable Mention for Best Fail Troll at the 2016 Ghosties ✩ ✩ ✩

Twilie Atkins

Twilie Atkins current Twitter/GAB avatar

Aren't you the one that calls up acting like a goddamn—one of these, one of these freakin' brony ponies? "Hi, Ghost, I'm Fluttershy, uh..." Get the hell outta here!

Ghost to Twilie Atkins, Episode 352 Twitter Shoutouts

Called "Twilly Atkins" or "Tweely Atkins" in Twitter Shoutouts, Twilie Atkins is a predominantly Baller Friday and Saturday Night Troll show caller to True Capitalist Radio originally known for My Little Pony trolls, in later episodes gaining more notoriety for audio splices and collab calls. First appearing as a caller in Episode 292, Ghost referred to Twilie as a transgender, in later episodes realizing that it was a pony calling him. Most recently, Ghost has recently been derogatorily referring to Twilie as a "Bitch Horse" or "Whore Horse" due to her transition from solely My Little Pony calls to cans.wav inducing splices.

The 'Nickelshy' incident

Referred to as the 'Nickleshy' incident by Ghost, Twilie first rose to noteriety during the broadcast of Episode 344, Twilie as Fluttershy managed to occupy 3 of the 20 Radio Graffiti calls taken, being the only caller to receive cans.wav, with two calls back to back, receiving cans.wav on all 3 calls. For parity, the full text can be found here.

Cans.wav score

As of January 2017, Twilie has made 62 calls to the True Capitalist Radio broadcast achieving 40 cans.wav.

The Top Ten Pony Videos

Twilie has gained some level of infamy in the general brony fandom for getting True Capitalist radio in both The Top Ten Pony Videos of December 2016 and The Top 10 Pony Videos of January 2017 the latter leading to some criticism from the brony fandom over brony trolls in general as well as Twilie herself.

Potential doxing


Twilie Atkins honorable mention for Best Fail Troll from the 2016 Ghosties.

Around episode 448, Twilie appears both via Twitter (via an account that has now disappeared) and via the broadcast to have been potentially doxed with a Radio Graffiti call in Moonman's voice claiming that Twilie's real name is Bonnie (something which she initially denied publicly), delivering Twilie Atkins an ultimatum: Delete her Twitter account, or she would be fully doxed. This continued in to episode 449 with an additional Moonman call claiming Twilie has a degree in psychology from the University of Texas. It is debated whether or not this is a genuine dox with some claiming that in private quarters, Twilie has acknowledged the legitimacy of the dox. Given that Twilie did receive her honorary mention from Ghost for Best Fail troll of the year 2016, it is likely only Twilie and Ghost are aware of Twilie's identity.


Twilie Atkins - Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shout-outs - 2016 (True Capitalist Radio)01:56:43

Twilie Atkins - Radio Graffiti and Twitter Shout-outs - 2016 (True Capitalist Radio)

A collation of all Radio Graffiti calls and Twitter shoutouts by Twilie in 2016

Ride the white (b*tch) horse (True Capitalist Radio)05:45

Ride the white (b*tch) horse (True Capitalist Radio)

A parody song of "Ride the white horse" by Laid Back that surprisingly Ghost actually likes.


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