Note: Ghost's only confirmed current Twitter account was (prior to his June 2017 suspension): @PoliticsGhost. Treat other accounts with caution.

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Twitter is a social-networking website used to "tweet" short messages. Twitter began in 2006 and has since rapidly expanded to become one of the most wildly used and understood websites on the internet.

Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio, uses his Twitter account as a way to inform fans of developments with the show (such as announcing the next broadcast), post videos of interest to fans and communicate with the audience. During the broadcast Ghost uses Twitter to give shoutouts to his fans for retweeting the show, effectively giving him publicity. Since at least late spring-early summer of 2011, Twitter shoutouts have been exploited to trick Ghost into saying hilariously disgusting or otherwise offensive things he would normally ignore. Twitter Names have become among the most memorable aspects of the True Capitalist Radio Broadcast.

Other then the broadcast, Ghost consistently posts information about news topics relating to the world, and his capitalist perspectives. These tweets began more frequent following the hiatus of the broadcast in May 2012, however have slowed since his return in 2016.

Ghost has expressed his displeasure for Twitter's censorship, especially after popular conservative figure Milo Yiannopolis was banned permanently over false claims of attacking actress Leslie Jones online, saying that the founder, Jack Dorsey, was implementing "Online Sharia Law".

Recently, Ghost was temporarily locked out of his Twitter account for a few hours for posting the doxes of 50 or so anti-Trump reporters, in collaboration with the Bill Waggoner Crew. Ghost now has an account on a new social media site in case he gets banned off Twitter, which is found at He also says he may look into starting his own social media site for the Capitalist Army, potentially similar to the old Capitalist Army website.

Ghost got locked out of his account, again, after calling out alt-right reporter Lucian Wintrich. He initially stated on that he's done with Twitter for good, and Jack Dorsey can go fuck himself. However, he did end up coming back, stating he's gonna get the most out of Twitter before he's banned.

On June 17, 2017, Ghost had his account suspended after tweeting the word "poz-hole" on his account. He originally was locked out of his account, but then was ultimately suspended for the first time. (The December 2012 incident and the 2013-14 activity from gh0stp0litics were found out to not be him)

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