The OU logo.

The University of Oklahoma (commonly abbreviated as OU) is a university in Norman, Oklahoma known for its football team and its Red River Rivalry with the University of Texas.

As Ghost is an adamant defender of all things Texan, OU is not a subject he likes to discuss. The fact that the Sooners won the Red River Rivalry back-to-back in 2010 and 2011 is unlikely to have improved Ghost's attitude toward the school.

Naturally, some callers have picked up on this and have called into Ghost's show playing Oklahoma's fight song, Boomer Sooner, inducing Ghost to go off on an embittered tangent for about thirty seconds.

The most notable of these trolling efforts was perpetrated by the "True Capitalist Hornist" (Area Code 619): after calling in, he began to play the Texas fight song on his trumpet, causing Ghost to exclaim "Yeah, it's the Capitalist Hornist!" Immediately afterwards, the Hornist began to play the Boomer Sooner fight song; it took Ghost a few seconds to realize what was happening, but the call was quickly cut to the sound of him shouting "Hey, wait a minute!" over and over again, concluding with the usual "Git 'em off!"

After the weekend of October 8, 2016, the University of Oklahoma's fight song has been gaining popularity to troll Ghost, as the Sooners defeated The University of Texas 45-40. Twitter Names mocking Texas' loss have also appeared, including Bevo Steaks for Ghost/Stoops, in reference of the University of Texas' mascot, Bevo, a live bull.


Oklahoma fight song00:47

Oklahoma fight song

The Oklahoma University Fight Song. Go, Sooners!

Ghost Loves The Oklahoma Sooners04:23

Ghost Loves The Oklahoma Sooners

A compilation of Ghost's reactions to the Fight Song.

Ghost is a Sooners fan - 5 15 1202:23

Ghost is a Sooners fan - 5 15 12

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