UnknownThomasfan1 has called the show many times posing as 'Thomas'. Many times he has called the show saying he will bring the Thomas fan base also known as 'Tankies' to the show. 

Another occasion on Episode 190 of True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost, someone called in claiming to be Thomas The Tank Engine and saying to Ghost that he would send Tankies, fans of Thomas the Tank Engine, to troll True Capitalist Radio.

He is known for having multiple numbers so that he can call the show eaisly. However he is seen as a failtroll by most listeners because he is either hung up on early by Ghost or he just ends up embarrassing himself.

One of his most notable trolls is when he called into the show saying "On the Island of Sodor, Herman Cain sits at the back of the train where he belongs, Choo, Choo!" Ghost was very annoyed by this troll.

He is good friends with Ghoul the Fool. The two worked together on episode 192 to make everyone think that it was Ghost's Birthday, which caused most of the calls in Radio Graffiti to be someone saying "Happy Birthday Ghost!" which Ghost would respond to by yelling, "It's Not My Birthday!" and hanging up on them, mumbling about how he wishes it was his birthday.

On February 3rd, 2012 'Thomas' created a new show: True Tankie Radio.

'Ghost Rages Over Tankies' - 1 3 2012 Taco Tuesday-000:37

'Ghost Rages Over Tankies' - 1 3 2012 Taco Tuesday-0

'Ghost Rages Over Tankies' - 1 5 2012 Thursday - True Capitalist Radio00:47

'Ghost Rages Over Tankies' - 1 5 2012 Thursday - True Capitalist Radio

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