First of all, I don't have a 'Wii'—a Nintendo Wii. I've got a 15-and-a-half-inch John Holmes sausage between my legs, but I don't have a Nintendo Wii. Actually, I don't have any gaming system whatsoever.

Ghost, replying to a caller on October 27th, 2011

A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device. Due to the current majority of the listeners of True Capitalist Radio being gamers, and forums such as /v/ and Facepunch, video games have crept into the show in many forms.

Ghost has caught on to this himself, and has revealed he knows, or at least has gleaned, information about them, with varying accuracy. He was probably even a gamer in the past, greatly preferring the Sega Genesis to the Super Nintendo system. He has even attempted to get listeners interested in subjects by saying "I know we got a lot of gamers out there". He does however, think young children playing violent video games is a contributing factor to Junkyard America.

The following is a list of games that have influenced, made major appearances on, or have been mentioned by Ghost on True Capitalist Radio.

America's Army

Apparently the last game Ghost played was the 2002 PC first-person shooter America's Army. With its right-wing, almost-propaganda level patriotism, it is no surprise to find Ghost greatly enjoyed it.

Ghost later elaborated in the second Saturday Night Troll Show, saying he loved the game up until "people found all kinds of exploits".

Angry Birds

During the Christmas Eve special, Ghost commented that the iPhone app Angry Birds is "the most ridiculous freakin' dumbass game I've ever seen in my life".

Arcade fighting games

Besides Street Fighter, Ghost has played a few arcade games with his son back in the 1990s, including Tekken 2, Soul Edge and a couple others, and enjoyed it.


Despite a recommendation from Tzeki and other listeners, Ghost does not have Battletoads. He believes that Frogger is better.

Capitalist Chaos

After a very long time in development, MetroidJunkie released his fan project, made entirely in unity: Capitalist Chaos. The plot of the game is that the Bureaucratic Machine has stolen all of Ghost's bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label, and its up to Ghost to retrieve all the bottles and bring down the Bureaucrats. Link:


During the February 28, 2012 edition of Radio Graffiti, someone played a piece of background music from the Castlevania game series. Ghost initially lashed out at it, misunderstanding it as "Mexican music", before realizing that it was actually from Castlevania, and yelling "Throw the holy water, I love that sound!" as the music played. Later during Radio Graffiti, someone called in and asked Ghost which Castlevania was his favorite, to which he responded "the second one".


Ghost stated on 1/20/12 that Contra was a good game "back in the 8-bit days." A remix of it was played a few months prior, and Ghost enjoyed it. It appeared once again in a splice regarding Vietnam, again with ghost's Approval.


True Capitalist Doom Level Beta 2

True Capitalist Doom Level Beta 2

True Capitalist listener MetroidJunkie, runner up of TCR fan of the year and member of the True Capitalist Ring of Honor, made a modification for the 1993 video game DooM, which Ghost greatly approved of, mostly due to it being about him murdering bronies.

Five Nights At Freddy's

Not very well known in the TCR community, but it's title is "borrowed" by the trolls in order to make Ghost rage at Twitter Names involving Pizzagate like "Five Nights At Podesta's", including a name referencing Milo Yiannopoulos that caused massive Cans.wav.

On episode 463, a splice involving Ghost getting taken to the Woodshed and Templeton ending up gunned down by a troll character named "Bunny Ghost(ler)" caused him to rage quit.

Ghost: The Game

Ghost The Game Part 1

Ghost The Game Part 1

Part 1 of a playthrough by DarkRazorZ

A fan-made game made in RPG Maker by SomeShyGuy, Ghost: The Game puts the player in the hooves of Ghost (He is in Brony form in this game) as he tries to reclaim his Melting Pot of Friendship from black people. A sequel, Ghost: The Game 2, Goofy's Revenge was recently completed. SomeShyGuy occasionally called in to the show to advertise the game and inform Ghost of its progress. The game is available for free to download.

Grand Theft Auto V

A game by Rockstar Games, released on September 17th, 2013. Many references to it have been made on the broadcast, but most famously is a Twitter name 'GhostInGTA5' which Ghost replied with "well... I don't know."

Ghost retweeted a tweet by Rockstar Games apparently 'thanking' him and other people for reasons still unknown (the majority of those mentioned were GTA-related YouTubers, creating even more confusion as to what Ghost is doing in that list). Even though the show was on hiatus, it may become a satirical talk show featured on a radio channel in the game (rumored to be 'Blaine County Talk Radio'). Ghost himself followed Rockstar Games for a while, furthering this claim, yet he never discussed it actively on the broadcast, and told off a caller asking him personally if he would be in the game during Radio Graffiti. Ghost confirmed that he had been shouted out during a Paltalk chat, but refused to explain whether this was for an upcoming game or not. Even now, Ghost has not given an explanation to this tweet or made reference to his potential involvement in Grand Theft Auto V.

Upon the game's release, of which many TCR listeners purchased and played right away, it was found that there was no reference to Ghost whatsoever - and that 'Blaine County Talk Radio' is instead hosted by a character the complete opposite of Ghost's beliefs; a Liberal, alien conspiracy believing, tin foil hat wearing lunatic. However, there is graffiti resembling Ghost's skull avatar scattered around Los Santos.

Ghost has made references to GTA in the past, most famously kicking Nikolai out of a call once, asking him if "he wanted to be like Niko Bellic?!".

Ghost expressed some distaste for "immersive online games" such as the Online mode of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online, as said in the Saturday Night Troll Show Episode 2, saying that games should go back to a more "competitive" multiplayer experience, as opposed to the "first-person immersive crap" plaguing the industry today.

Mass Effect Andromeda

A game released in early 2017 by EA, Mass Effect Andromeda was panned upon release for its poor animation, specifically facial animations. Ghost did a Saturday Night Troll Show where he covered it in the first hour, even bringing up events such as Gamergate that could've caused this game's shoddy release to occur.

Metal Gear

Ghost claims his favourite video game of all time was the original Metal Gear for the NES.

A caller once tried to imitate one of Solid Snakes lines from Metal Gear Solid during Radio Graffiti. Ghost was able to recognize the voice and asked: "Was that Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid?"

Ghost recently expressed his disappointment that the re-release of the NES did not include Metal Gear.

Ghost expressed disgust with Metal Gear: Survive, asking if zombies is seriously what the Metal Gear franchise has devolved into.

Boat073, knowing Ghost said his favorite game was Metal Gear on the NES, called in with a remix of Metal Gear on the NES using samples of Ghost's voice, which Ghost had a positive response to.


Ghost expressed some level of interest in the retro Nintendo gaming system that came out in November 2016 with classic games on it. He expressed disdain for Nintendo discontinuing the console on the Saturday Night Troll Show episode #7.

Nintendo Switch

Ghost had a segment on the second Saturday Night Troll Show dedicated to talking about the Nintendo Switch and gaming in general. Ghost felt that first-person immersive games were taking away from the competitive nature of old games like Mario Kart. Following the Vault 7 Wikileaks data dump, Ghost expressed his disgust with the Nintendo Switch's various hardware failures upon launch, stating that companies don't beta test internally any more, rather they release products to the consumer for them to beta test. On the Saturday Night Troll Show 7, one of the main points of discussion was that the Switch had outsold both the PS4 and the Xbox One in the month of March 2017.


Mrs ghostman snapshot

Screenshot from Mrs. GHOSTMAN

Since Pac-Man is a well-known arcade classic that's been ported to every video game system out there, Ghost has most likely played it sometime in his life or at least heard of it because he recognized it when Disco Waffle played a splice of Ghost chasing after Pac-Man and getting eaten in November 2016.

A TCR fangame based on Pac-Man that features Ghost's wife called Mrs. GHOSTMAN is in the works by regular troll J-Man Capitalist. A flyer for the fangame (complete with a photoshopped arcade machine) was tweeted at Ghost in response to what he said he wanted in a video game in Troll Show episode 2, but he has never responded to it.


During one Cluster Call on January 3, 2012's episode, he said "Aperture Science" to drown out a failtroll, which is a reference to where the game takes place. It's unknown if he played it or quoted it.

However, there were a couple Portal splices and quotes used on the show to troll Ghost, one of which he mistook GLaDOS for "Stephen Hawking's main squeeze."

Pokémon/Pokémon GO

Ghost had a fairly apathetic reaction to Pokémon prior to July 2016; however, once the trend of people playing Pokémon GO started, he began getting extremely angry with players of the game, calling it the stupidest thing he's ever seen, and that anyone who played it was a loser, saying they should go out into the street when MACK trucks are passing and get run over playing it.

He was also critical of the fact that Pokemon GO is supposedly a backdoor into your personal information. This point was furthered following the Vault 7 Wikileaks data dump, saying Pokemon GO was an example of the government stealing your personal information and people fell for it.

Ghost occasionally refers to hambones with the loving nickname "Snorlax", a reference to Pokemon. For example, he uses the term multiple times on Saturday Night Show Episode 9. It's likely that Ghost picked this nomenclature up from his trolls.

Sega Consoles

Ghost has stated in a recent episode that he bought a Sega Saturn, but got burned on it. He's stated for a while that the last console he ever bought was the Sega Dreamcast, saying that he bought games ranging from Sonic to Tony Hawk, and even still owns his Dreamcast today. Recently, he did mention that he played it "until it just didn't play anymore", implying the system broke from overuse. He did express some disappointment that he bought the system back in 1999 for $350, and then Sega up and stopped making games for it.


The 'Sanic Themesong' is spammed quite often on True Capitalist Radio, since a large quantity of it's newer listeners originate from 4chan boards /b/ and /v/, where this meme takes root from, out of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ghost has said that while he enjoyed Sonic on the Sega Genesis, and owned a Sonic game on the Dreamcast (likely Sonic Adventure), he has high amounts of disdain for people who draw porn and the fandom.

If Ghost is caught in a lie or contradicts himself, a caller will likely splice the clips together and play the Sonic Game Over theme.

Soul Edge

Soul Edge is one of the fighting games Ghost remembers playing with his son in arcades in the 90s, along with Street Fighter, as mentioned in Capitalist Episode 250.

Ghost hasn't acknowledged the rest of the Soul series including the now better-known sequels released under the Soulcalibur name, and likely doesn't know that they exist, as they weren't out at the time that Ghost was frequenting arcades.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is a series of games Ghost claims to be interested in. He often references it by yelling "SHORYUKEN! SHORYUKEN! TIGER! TIGER UPPERCUNT!", especially as a metaphor for outsmarting failtrolls. He states his favorite character is Ryu, and apparently hates Mortal Kombat, but thinks that Scorpion is a Street Fighter character. He also claims to have liked 'that one Army guy', likely Guile, yet also citing 'he was a ripoff of Ken anyway.'

Ghost stated that Street Fighter II is his favorite game in the series and that he is considering buying an actual arcade machine for his office.

Super Mario Bros.

Ghost recognizes some music from the Super Mario Bros. series of video games, and claims that Super Mario Bros. 2 was "A pretty good game", but that it has gone downhill since then. He also enjoyed Super Mario Bros. 3, as his reaction to a remix stated otherwise.

Ghost had Engineer play the Game Over music from Super Mario Bros. when someone fail trolled during pre-revival shows.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

As mentioned before, Ghost thinks the Super Nintendo "sucked the chrome off a '57 Chevy Bumper." He did not like the console, preferring the Sega Genesis over it, and "stopped buying Nintendo consoles altogether."

Team Fortress 2



Team Fortress 2 is a 2007 first-person-shooter developed by the famous capitalist brony Gabe Newell. Ghost has, unsurprisingly, never played it which is most certainly why he has never understood the large number of 'Engineer is a Spy ' jokes that have often been directed at him by callers. This phrase turned out to be strangely prophetic when Engineer started taking over from Ghost at opportune moments in late 2011.

On 1/20/12, a caller challenged Ghost to a game of Team Fortress 2. He replied "Thank you for the good sentiments, but unfortunately I don't really like that game."

It turns out that Ghost didn't actually know what it was and only played his usual xenophobic card on this caller. A month later during a Paltalk chat, multiple Capitalist Army members inquired Ghost about getting a Steam account and learning to play the game, which the community cherishes greatly. Ghost expressed interest after someone told him about 'getting to kill many people' and there being 'lots of stereotypes'. Needless to say, Ghost's budding interest in the game fell apart due to a lack of time for playing video games, and a falling out with his fanbase due to the hiatus of the broadcast between May 2012 and November 2015. He has also revealed in March 2017 that he still hasn't gotten Steam, and recent events putting him at odds with the TCR Steam community make this even more unlikely.

Quite a few Garry's Mod (Gmod) and Source Filmmaker videos have been made regarding Ghost and his broadcast. He was not amused at these videos, some of which have amassed thousands of views, by putting him up as an angry Engineer (with the Pyro playing TCR's respective Engineer) taking calls and raging.

Starting with the 2nd episode of the Troll Show, trolls have chain called with the Scout (or some other class) from TF2 spamming "need a dispenser here", which aggravated Ghost. J-Man Capitalist spliced Ghost in with some TF2 characters in one of his signature "smexual" splices for Troll Show #7, one of the most baffling splices Ghost says he ever heard in his life.

The Elder Scrolls



Ghost Trolling Skyrim Edition

Ghost Trolling Skyrim Edition

Three consecutive "Occupy Whiterun" calls

Due to the popularity of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in late 2011, the show's listeners were brimming with references in late 2011 and early 2012. Callers told Ghost about 'Occupy Whiterun' and dragon shouted at him, and there was a rise in references in the Twitter Shoutouts, such as ArgonianGhost. He got angry at the latter, and eventually claimed to have played it, calling it a "stupid game" and hating it for its "ridiculous unfounded unrealistic nonsense". He was also heavily exposed to the 'arrow to the knee' meme, and thinks that it is unfunny, to say the least.

True Capitalist Radio: Revival



True Capitalist Radio: Revival

True Capitalist Radio: Revival is a fan-made RPG Maker game made by Plecostomus1138 in December 2015. It was made in anticipation for Ghost's return, which occurred 3 months later than expected. The game was inspired by SomeShyGuy's Ghost: The Game, however, Ghost is more in character to his actual self. The plot involves Ghost embarking on a journey to stop Ghetto Capitalist's evil scheme. On the way, he is accompanied by The Engineer, his granny, and Goofy Bone.


Undertale became regularly discussed in the show shortly after 2016 MaskedPony Incident when Teutonic Plague was accused of being a fan of the game. Ghost associated the game with Hentai and cartoon porn, becoming immediately concerned if he had another "sick freak" following him. Ultimately Teutonic was able to convince Ghost that he wasn't an Undertale fan. Later on G called on the show defending Teutonic from the harassment saying Undertale was a decent game. Ghost was disgusted to hear this, went into a massive rage, and banned G from the show temporarily. G explained himself later, and Ghost accepted him back as a serious caller.

Ghost Let's Plays?

During a recent episode, Ghost discussed getting back into gaming, and maybe even posting them on Youtube with his commentary over them. The reason being that he had been watching PewDiePie and wondering how people watch his content, but then contemplated if he himself should become a Let's Player, saying if people seriously wanted to watch this stuff, that he should capitalist off of it. This was met with massive positive response by fans and Troll Terrorists alike, although a caller called in and told Ghost not to do it because it's a time sink, and he doesn't have time for that. He left it at "I'm considering it, I'm leaving it up to the people".

This may not happen after the recent demonetization and censorship of various youtubers and their videos, of which Ghost has been highly critical of. The prospect of a Youtube channel is not off the table however, as he's stated that if he's ever doxed, he could just create a Youtube channel and go viral.

Ghost once again considered this, but as opposed to Let's Plays, he considered making a streaming channel on Youtube or some other service after he played some games such as Michael Jackson's Moonwalker in the Inner Circle Chatroom. Ghost made a editorial on the matter, questioning the format and if the people would tune in.


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