Ghost, before he left his legs in Rice Paddies

Vietnam is a South Asian country known for its conflict against the United States from 1955 to 1975, the Vietnam War.


The topic of Vietnam has been known to send Ghost into a special, almost uncharacteristic kind of rage whenever it's mentioned, as well as multiple cans.wav's, best showcased throughout this Radio Graffiti session. It's unknown why exactly Vietnam is such a sensitive topic for him, but it's likely because he served the American military during the Vietnam War, mentioned here at 46:04.

Did He Serve?

Some listeners have doubted Ghost's military service during Vietnam claiming that most of his references and throwback jokes come from the 1980s and 1990s rather than the 1960s.

In support of his service, he has been discussing it since the earliest days of True Conservative Radio which makes it far less likely that he is making it up. True Conservative Radio was much more serious, as its original run was before the era of Ghost being trolled, which makes his claims much more believable because the show, as a whole, was much more serious. Since then, he has sometimes gone off on genuine sounding rants such as during Capitalist Episode 290 during which he talked about race relations of American soldiers during the war.

Ghost claims to have several fully adult children who were at least teenagers during the 1990s. The youngest he could possibly be, had he served in Vietnam, would be in his very late 50s. For him to have had a teenage or young-adult son during the peak of the gangsta-rap era of the 1990s, his son would have had to have been born sometime between the mid 70s and early 80s, meaning that Ghost, if he was at least 25 at the time of the son's birth, could very easily have served in Vietnam.

After Templeton bit his hand during Capitalist Episode 333, Ghost mentioned that he needed a corpsman to treat his hand. Since he used this term instead of the more common "medic", some listeners have hypothesized that Ghost may have served specifically in the Navy or Marine Corps. This suspicion is also supported by the first session in Ghost Inner Circle where Ghost was discussing military and mentioned that he liked Marines more than the Army because he had a "personal bias" towards them.


The last days of May 2016 saw Vietnam brought to the forefront of trolling material, due to the near-convergence of Memorial Day and Barack Obama's decision to repeal a US arms embargo on the country, which had already angered Ghost. During Capitalist Episode 277, during Twitter shoutouts, Ghost came across the name "Left Legs in Rice Paddies" and raged hard, briefly quitting the show before returning, ranting, turning on his wood-chipper and then drinking. Since this episode Ghost has been trolled by Vietnam jokes with increasing frequency and has continued to rage hard, often yelling, 'quit with the jokes about Viet fucking Nam! I don't want to hear about Viet fucking Nam!'

Ghost raged so hard at some of these trolls that listeners have suggested possibly giving Ghost a break with the Vietnam jokes in the fear of Ghost disappearing again.


This topic has attracted the attention of artists and photoshoppers, and so is popular enough to get its own gallery! [here] for the Fan Art section on Vietnam.