Woody Allen by David Shankbone

The Butt-Lover himself

Woody Allen Butt-Loving Pedophiles (Also known as Woody Allen Butt-Loving Roman Polanski or simply Pedophiles) are people who have a fetish for underaged children. Ghost has very negative opinion towards them as he is a strong supporter of children's rights.

During Jerry Sandusky's child molesting cases, Trolls typically created Twitter And Chatroom Names around his name and controversy.

Herbert is the only notable pedophile troll, as he calls asking Ghost if his son is well.

Ghost has also occasionally called bronies pedophiles.

As of November 2016, pedophilia has become a sore spot for Ghost thanks to "Pizzagate", leading to him no longer playing up the act by using this term, and trolls relating to pedophilia have received a higher amount of rage or no rage at all.


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